Creating True Prosperity through Epigenetic Healing

Kuan Yin’s Transformation Game for Creating True Prosperity

Kuan Yin's Transformation GamesMany people are having a difficult time moving forward in a positive way and creating true prosperity because we haven’t yet established clear communication channels and let go of old, harmful intentions from the past. The object of this epigenetic healing meditation is to help us detach from the malaise of the old paradigm by clearing energetic patterns and complexity around money.

Transformation Games are inspired by Kuan Yin, a beloved and respected healing guide among natural health and energy medicine practitioners.

*Caution! Her advice, as always, is direct and to the point! You will want to get out something to take notes with.

Creating True Prosperity

Part I: Change Your Thinking About Prosperity and How You’re Using Energy to Create It ~

Over many millennia, the pursuit of money has been built into our very DNA. We’ve been taught to believe that “lack of money” is the problem and “having money” is the solution. Therefore, on a culturally conditioned level, when one looks for “prosperity,” they’re generally looking for money.

Creating True Prosperity The problem is, money is merely a concept that’s been made by society to symbolically represent prosperity. It is not prosperity itself. So, to put it in in the simplest terms, people are taught to look for prosperity in the wrong places – outside of themselves. Yet, the experience of being truly prosperous is a process that comes from within.

As you go through this game, the underlying premise is: Money is merely a societal symbol that quantifies how we utilize and exchange energy. It’s subject to collective priorities, motivations and intent – both conscious and unconscious.

Creating True Prosperity in reality is a question of energy and how you use it.

When you’re looking for money externally, you’re creating an attraction field for the ‘idea’ of money, not the reality of prosperity. This preoccupation with money and external things is motivated by fear and causes you to reject your full potential for prosperity.  Life energy or chi’ gets diverted and used to feed things and fear, rather than you.

In fact, for some people, just thinking about money puts them in a fight or flight mode – which is exactly the opposite of what one needs to feel genuinely prosperous!

If you’re willing to explore another way to use your energy, go through this Transformation Game to help you let go of some collective patterns that are probably draining your energy and creating an attraction field for stress, rather than balanced prosperity.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Welcome to the I Ching Reading and Transformation Game for: Hexagram #11 Prospering

Think about the difficulties you’re having with money. Consider the experience of “having money” and “not having money,” debts, paying bills or any other financial concerns. Whatever they are, use this Circle to stay objective about what comes up for you. Notice how it feels in your body. Your reaction or lack of it has more to do with what was in the past than it does about creating true prosperity in the New Paradigm.

Once you’ve identified the energy, gently gaze at the following sequence of Intuitive Learning Circles one at a time. Consider the question or affirmation that goes with each Step. The process will help you pull your energy out of disappointing experiences, projections and outdated intentions that simply haven’t worked!

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a clear slate for making different choices about how to use your energy more productively and in tune with your Soul.

Part I: Reform Your Mindset to Create True Prosperity ~

Because the energy in our environment has changed so dramatically, it’s important to start any plans for prosperity with our current conditions in mind. That way we’re more likely to be as flexible as we’ll need to be for success. 

The following is not an exhaustive list of needed adaptations, however, it includes all that I’m aware of at this time. Change your agreements to help facilitate the changes needed:

1. Change Your Relationship with Money.

“I release the agreement that I am powerless against certain energies, like greed, avarice, apathy, fear, disappointment, __________, etc.”

“I release the agreement that money is the same as true prosperity. I disengage from outdated concepts and preconceived ideas from the past and let them go.”


2. Change Your Relationship with Time and Space.

A fearful mind organizes itself around dissatisfaction and all the reasons why things couldn’t possibly work out. We could be much happier if we would relax and organize around the natural cycles of life that accepts change and goes with it. Life is best experienced in the present.

“I pull myself out of the past and stop worrying about the future. 

“I integrate all parts of me to be fully present.”
“I aim to live in balance and harmony.”


“I bring important plans, gifts, talents, services and the treasures of life with me into the present.”


3. Change Your Relationship with Mother Earth and the Land.

Change your agreements to help facilitate the changes needed:

“I dissolve the patterns that bind me to the old, patriarchal paradigm of prosperity based on pollution and domination – past, present and future.”

“I learn to integrate my plans with the imprint of Common Ground, based on  joy, cooperation, equality and balanced prosperity.”


4. Change Your Relationship with the Elements.

Adjust your agreements to help facilitate the changes needed.

“I renegotiate how I utilize the behavior of the Elements of Water and Air in accordance with the highest good.”

5. Recalibrate Spiritual Energies from Destructive to Generative.

“I stop wasting my energy or sourcing from greed, fear and revenge.”

“I now source from joy and gratitude – a fountain that comes from within.”


6.  Reclaim Ownership Over Your Own Personal Mana.

Your Second Chakra is where you actually generate your personal mana or life force that you use to manifest and keep yourself healthy. Many of us have been conditioned to sacrifice and give that energy away. In the New Paradigm, it’s no longer necessary to do that unless you choose to.

“I stop giving my personal energy away without my conscious agreement. It’s a blessing to generate energy for manifesting my Soul’s plan.”

“I release all agreements to allow my personal mana to be stolen or diverted from creating my own wellbeing and prosperity.”


7. Install this symbol like a protective filter into Your Second Chakra.

There is a new, generative energy available for healing, protection and manifesting if you open yourself to it. The Aquarian Age flows predominantly through the Element of Air rather than the predominant flow of Water that existed in the Piscean Age. 

This symbol will help you access this new generative energy. Install it like a protective filter into your Second Chakra:

“I am flexible and integrate the generative energy flow of Divine Protection.”

“Harmful energy channels from the past are closing down.”
“I connect to new communication channels for balanced prosperity.”


8. Visualize any toxic energy or entanglements going to the Light.

It’s not unusual for the Second Chakra to carry entanglements with the karma or emotions of others. Allow this Soul Star Chakra Key to help you clear them out:

“My karma is clear and my emotions are stable.”
“Confusion and abuse are clearing up.”


9. Tap Into Auspicious Energies from the Eight Directions.

Use this Circle to reform how you’re tapping into beneficial life energies available to you from the environment.

Are you interacting with auspicious and generative life energies?
Is your Essence correctly positioned in your Solar Plexus to receive them properly?
Is your Power Animal present and working with you to manifest your intention?
If not, what would help?

“I connect with and utilize generative energies from the Eight Directions.” North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest. Above and Below.


10. Disengage from Harmful or Destructive Environmental Energies.

Are you protecting yourself properly?
Are you inadvertently tapping into harmful or inauspicious energies?
Is your Power Animal present and working with you for protection?
If not, what would help?

“I pull my energy back from the malaise of the old paradigm.”

“I stop tapping into harmful or destructive energy flows in my environment.” North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest. Above and below.


11. Finish Part I by closing the door on all detrimental pathways that could lead you back to the malaise of the old paradigm.

Closure for Mind Body Healing



Part II: Reform Your Epigenetic Patterns ~

Step 1:

As you gaze at the Circle below, think about a specific issue regarding finances or systems of support that you’re genuinely experiencing in your life right now, not just a projection or remnant from the past. The image that comes to you may feel like a huge wall of complexity, confusion, procrastination or failure. It may appear like an angry monster, a snake or you could just feel blank. Take several relaxing breaths while you gently move your body around.

Imagine that the image, whatever it is, is softening, moving or even melting. You can feel your body beginning to relax.

Now that your mind and body are calmer, you can begin to access underlying patterns and epigenetic tags that are diverting your chi or life force from creating true prosperity.

Step 2:

Use this affirmation with the Soul Prayer Chart below to access your Soul’s unique energy signature.

“I let go of any signature that block my Soul’s ability to connect with me and help me in creating true prosperity.”


Step 3:

As long as we’re being drained by the concepts of money and finances as we’ve known it, we won’t be open to new forms of support through Universal Life energy. Use this affirmation and the next Circle to free up your mind:

“I let go of old concepts about how money or finances work so that I may be open to new solutions and new forms of support.”

Breathe and relax. In your mind’s eye, see yourself letting go of false concepts about money, work and how you go about being productive.

“I let go of any agreement that says being tense, worried, uptight or ________ will help me be more prosperous.” 

“I release the agreement that money alone is the goal or that work is the goal.”

“I release my agreements to overwork, to put too much pressure on myself, to be a slave to my work or to work too hard.”

 “The real goal is creating true prosperity that supports me in Love, life and happiness.”

“I let go of any agreement I have to be affected by the angst and abuse of power that comes through my family line.” 


Step 4:

Society has gone through significant change and the conditions we live in are quite different from those of our ancestors. Examine intentions you may still hold that are outdated or downright harmful to your experience of prosperity.


Step 5.

Our consciousness games help to shift epigenetic information. As you view the next few images from Divine Nature Activated, imagine that you’re releasing harmful epigenetic tags or conditioning that prevents you from ADAPTING to a more cooperative way of being. Once it feels clear, allow yourself to connect with the positive energy that comes from your Source.

It’s important to relax and take your time. Allow the affirmations to help you shift your energy. Note: DNA and the auras are directly connected. Be sure that you spend all the time you need with the last Circle in the game to heal and seal your auras completely!

Imagine that you’re connecting with a light filled DNA strand that comes directly from your Source.

“I ask the Divine to assist me in releasing worry and cynicism over the future.

I now keep my senses and my energy focused on the present moment.”


“I ask the Divine to assist my consciousness in connecting with hope.”


“I ask for assistance to manifest Divine Will from the Spiritual Substance of all that I am.”


Step 6:

Imagine that all of your societal and generational prejudices about work, money and the accumulation of power are like a nasty machine that’s breaking apart and falling away into nothingness. Keep looking at his symbol for dissolving violent and destructive thoughts until the machine is completely dismantled.

“I release the concept of economic freedom and power based on privilege.”

Include any false ideas, mistakes, violent behaviors, conflicts or dysfunctional work patterns you may be still be carrying from your family.

Please note: Never send destructive energies into the Earth, she already has too much to handle now. Use the Earth for planting seeds of happiness and life – not death!


Step 7:

Make sure that the energy of your aura is repaired and refocused before you go on with your day.

“My auras I seal and heal all holes, openings, leaks or passageways that divert my energy away from supporting myself appropriately.”


Step 7:

Now it’s time to shift your focus and redirect your energy towards a life affirming choice that you could make or action to take that will support you in the New Paradigm. Imagine your choice in the center of #14 Otter from Gifts from the Rainforest, then aim your attention and energy directly at it. Here’s an example:

“I say ‘yes’ to people, thoughts, energies and activities that support true prosperity.”

“I allow my ideas about support and prosperity to redirect into the New Paradigm. They are a true representation of balanced and beneficial exchange between myself and others.”

“I take actions that work with the flow of Nature, rather than against her.”

“I make investments with my time, my intention, money and energy that support true, balanced prosperity.” Etc.


Step 9:

To finish the Game, use this last Circle to make sure you’re recalibrated to ground properly in the New Paradigm.


You’ve just let go of multiple patterns that have been blocking your priorities for creating true prosperity for a long time. If you like, you may go through this Transformation Game again around other prosperity issues that are troubling you. Be sure to rest though and take good care of yourself!


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