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Books and Eclasses by Rheanni Lightwater:

Reconnect with Your True Self and Inner Guidance.

#1 Self-help Journal - Healing Emotional Stress.

SOS Soul Oriented Solutions is a quick, step by step emotional stress guide for anyone dealing with anxiety or trauma in uncertain times.

This Award Winning stress management journal is a powerful tool using 9 intuitive self-care formulas and mind exercises that nurture empathic or highly sensitive people on their creative journey of personal growth.

#2 Self-help Handbook - Prevent Burnout.

If you are a teacher, a first responder, a nurse, public servant or essential worker, RESOLVE is designed for you! This handy pocket size book has 7 stress formulas you can use “on the go” to empower right action and maintain confidence.

Each mind exercise gently interrupts feelings of overwhelm or confusion and replaces them with clarity, courage and inspiration that springs from within.  

#3 Self-help Workbook - Self-care for Post-traumatic Stress

Coming Soon -

The SOS PTSD Workbook offers support for survivors of trauma, loss and abuse and those who work with them through powerful tools and activities that calm the mind, heal the body and uplift the shattered spirit.

Mental Health Practitioners can use this ground-breaking collection with their clients to shift debilitating thought patterns and regain balance.

New Mexico Arizona Book Awards Winner

Soul Oriented Solutions - Award Winning Self-help Books

"What I love about Rheanni's approach is its simplicity. I don't need to go to therapy for years or rehash trauma from the past to create positive change in my life. Instead I can look at a picture and read a short paragraph and then let life do the rest. Her methods only take about 5 minutes and are available to me at any time and in any place. They bring instant stress relief with long-term healing impact." ~ Pi Luna - Artist & Business Coach for Creatives

If you seek inspiration and emotional balance, you will find them in SOS...

“Old emotions as well as memories that need new perspectives come up and are handled beautifully. In a way, they are washed away and lifted to higher grounds, leaving behind gifts of healing and new beginnings.” ~ D.G.Villena-Mata, Ph.D., Fellow and Diplomate in Traumatic Stress

Soul Oriented Solutions

Innovations in Self-care and Personal Growth

The Soul Oriented Solutions series of self-help books use the Intuitive Learning Circles™ to retrain your brain and provide mental, emotional and spiritual relief in times of uncertainty and radical change.

The simple, easy to use system contains self-care formulas and mind exercises that can help you get present now and quickly let go of distractions that block you from moving forward.

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Learn how The Intuitive Learning Circles™ work to help you with self-care, behavioral changes and personal growth.