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Prevent Burnout, Empower Your Purpose and Personal Growth with RESOLVE ~

RESOLVE to Prevent BurnoutRESOLVE helps you deal with anxiety and stress – quickly.

RESOLVE  Handbook

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6 x 9” Paperback Handbook
85 pages

If you want to prevent burnout in times of extreme change and challenge, keep a copy of RESOLVE next to you. This unique stress management handbook can be used to reclaim your power, strengthen good boundaries, clear creative blocks and create the life you dream of living. 

♦ Keep yourself on track with your goals ♦ Stay calm in the midst of chaos ♦ Maintain healthy boundaries ♦ Quickly let go of distractions ♦ Enhance your ability to make quick decisions.

 7 easy to use formulas and mind exercises for on the go


In RESOLVE, Rheanni Lightwater continues her Soul Oriented Solutions series with Intuitive Learning Circles™ that provide mental, emotional and spiritual relief in times of uncertainty and radical change.

Alternative Healing for PTSD - Book Award WinnerRheanni LightwaterRESOLVE is a Winner in the 2018 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards!

This simple, easy to use handbook contains self-care formulas and mind exercises that help you get present now and quickly let go of distractions that block you from moving forward.

How it Works:

Choose a Mind Exercise to help you handle what you’re going through now:

RESOLVESometimes there’s a lot going on and you don’t have much time. With this three step process, RESOLVE will help you get back on track – fast!

Step One: Take a few deep breaths while looking at this RESOLVE symbol. Gently, turn your attention to what’s going on for you.

Step Two: Look over this list of 7 Mind Exercises:

  1. Self-care for Grief, Illness and Loss sample this exercise>>
  2. Stabilizing After a Traumatic Event
  3. Clearing Overwhelm to Stay on Track
  4. Clarity and Healthy Boundaries 
  5. Grounding in the Truth sample this exercise >>
  6. Managing Anxiety
  7. Resolving Shock and Confusion sample this exercise>>

Step Three: Ask yourself:

“What number between one and seven represents the best exercise to get me back on track, right now?”

Trust the  number that comes to your gut and go with it. If nothing comes to you, you don’t need one of the formulas right now. If you get just a page number go to that and use the Circle on that page.
It’s that easy!

If you are a teacher, a nurse, an entrepreneur or a counselor, RESOLVE was designed especially for you.

Each formula gently interrupts confusion or overwhelming feelings and replaces them with renewed clarity, courage and inspiration that springs from within. RESOLVE is your resource to help you take things easy so you can prevent burnout and overwhelm. By nurturing yourself, you regain inner balance, which means outside activities and responsibilities can become more manageable and joyful again.


“What I love about Rheanni’s approach is its simplicity. I don’t need to go to therapy for years or rehash trauma from the past to create positive change in my life. Instead I can look at a picture and read a short paragraph and then let life do the rest. Her methods only take about 5 minutes and are available to me at any time and in any place. They bring instant stress relief with long-term healing impact.”  ~ Pi Luna – Artist & Business Coach for Creatives

“Combining healing insights from many sources, Ms. Lightwater has created a system of powerful yet easy to use visualization tools that, used in conjunction with breathing and meditation prompts, allow both mind and body to relax, expand and generate positive energy…”  ~ Victoria Erhart, Reading New Mexico

“This process is like coming up from underwater and taking a fresh breath.” ~ Cornelia Sachs, Eutony Movement Practitioner

Cultivate a daily self-care practice with RESOLVE – a gift you can give yourself – anytime!

Rheanni Lightwater
Rheanni Lightwater

Author and facilitator, Rheanni Lightwater is available for presentations or demonstrations for using RESOLVE to deal with overwhelm and activism burnout. Call (505) 271-4612 or email at to request information.

    • Each formula was developed to be used “on the go” to help you bridge the gap between limited, fear-based reactions and the life you’ve resolved to create.

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