Heartfelt Communication Using Your Intuition

Intuition is Learning to Listen with Your Heart

Heartfelt Communication - Transformation GameYou could say that heartfelt communication is something many people would like to achieve. In the best of times it happens naturally by opening your heart and listening to its promptings. Unfortunately, when life takes a difficult turn or tragedy happens, the heart and throat centers can shut down, leading you to feel cut off and at a loss for words. Repeated trauma and other violations of the spirit take their toll. Perhaps it’s the shock of disappointment or the panic one feels when the world gets turned upside down. Opening up again may take time and some extra encouragement, especially for introverted, shy or highly sensitive people.

Yet, with a little help, your heart can heal and your throat can relax again. By practicing heartfelt communication with yourself first, you strengthen your intuition, which is like having an inner guidance system. When you go one step further and act on your intuition, you can:

  • Re-examine your relationship with yourself, your family and the world around you
  • Reclaim an inner peace that helps you remain objective
  • Recalibrate your ability to adapt to major changes
  • Resource new ways to nurture cooperation and appreciation
  • Resolve to be free from apathy and indifference
  • Reframe your interactions with the planet and the beings that live here together
  • Renew your hope and faith in the power of Love to heal and create.

Heartfelt Communication Changes Negative to Positive

A Transformation Game using the Intuitive Learning Circle™ method.

The Intuitive Learning Circles use messages from animals and nature to facilitate your learning and access inner peace.

Animal Totems - Heartfelt Communication
Are you willing to open up how you’re communicating?

Many cultures claim that messages from the animal world inform and offer us guidance, a very special kind of “medicine”. The Intuitive Learning Circles™ have their own Animal Totems and our Heartfelt Communication Meditation gives you an opportunity to try out the Circles and receive the animal medicine that goes with each one.

*For best results, place both feet on the ground and gaze gently at each Circle to receive your own message.

Step One:

Let’s start by introducing you to the very first Intuitive Learning Circle™ from “Gifts from the Rainforest“.

Animal Spirits Medicine

Animals are our partners in creating an abundant and peaceful life on our planet. By observing their behavior and the role they play in their environment, we can adapt to and make the most of the circumstances in our lives. This Intuitive Learning Circle helps us to adapt and take ownership of how we use our energy. It also helps us to set things right by listening to the wisdom of our hearts. If you gaze gently at the Circle, you can tune in and receive your own answers to the questions below.

Relax and breathe as you would in a state of meditation. Think of a person or group that you would like to improve your communications with.

What do you really want to communicate to this person or group? Write it down.


Step Two:

Electric Eel Medicine

The message of Electric Eel is always about grounding. Being grounded in the truth about who we are and what we’re doing. Use this medicine to scan your body and pay attention to any areas that feel blank or void when it comes to communicating with this person or group. Once you feel the blank area, Electric Eel will help you fill in the void with positive energy and purpose. It can also help you change the polarity of your throat and heart chakras so that they can open up again.

Once you feel more open and grounded, look at what you wrote down. Is this really what you want to communicate?

Do you think that this message, as it is, will evoke the response you’re really looking for?

Is there a more effective message to send?


Step Three:

Plant Spirits Medicine

Are you coming from a place of open, constructive communication? if not, relax and breathe for a couple of minutes. Utilize the medicine of Plant Spirits to help you come from a more natural, nourishing frame of mind. After all, what you put out comes back to you! It’s worth it to take a few extra moments to clear the air.

Once you’re more balanced, think again about what you want to communicate and how you might do that more effectively.


Modern life is filled with a variety of communication frequencies that can disturb and distress us on a subconscious level. Some frequencies are harmful to our health and interfere with heartfelt communication. The symbol below is one example. Notice how it makes you feel:

Frequency of Multiple Distresses


Step Four:

Epigenetic Healing - Divine Nature activatedThe next symbol is from Divine Nature Activated and will help you release negative conditioning and detach from that frequency on an epigenetic level. The key is to relax as much as possible while looking at the symbol. It can help to imagine that an old, broken DNA strand is falling apart while a vibrant and cohesive DNA strand is relaxing, healing and filling up with light.

When using these symbols, it’s important to relax and breathe as you use each affirmation:

“I cut through the smoke screen of conflict, doubt, fear and confusion.”

“I clear the airways so I can hear the true guidance of my heart.”


“I call on the power of Love to assist me in times of fear and violence.”

“I hold the victory of Love in mind.”


“I choose to communicate the correct message in a safe, respectful manner.”


“I remember my connection to Universal Love.”


“My intention is to communicate in a way that opens up constructive cooperation and ____________________.

“I release any intentions to communicate in a harmful way.”


“I release any negative conditioning I may have to feed the seeds of turmoil, indifference, carelessness, anger, fear, etc.”

Visualize any harmful seeds moving up, out and away from you… send them to the Sun to be transformed!

“I decide to plant and feed the seeds of  ________ and  ________ instead.        I choose to seed Mother Earth with abundant blessings and respect.”


Once you’ve released the negative epigenetic conditioning, be sure to refocus and strengthen your auras using this Circle. Your auras protect you and are an important part of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Take all the time you need using these affirmations:

“I decide to take good care of myself and ___________.”

“My auras are completely repaired and refocused. I strengthen my mental capacity for heartfelt communication.”

Step Five:

Dissolve any destructive mental, emotional or spiritual blueprints that you may have for harmful or ineffective communication with this symbol.

“I dissolve destructive patterns for harmful communication and any connection I have ever had to them.”

You can see them dissolving like dark clouds, dissipating into the pure light of the Sun.

“I close the doors to any harmful, confusing or manipulative communications.”

Step Six:

Starlight Medicine

Now you’re ready to reform and clarify your message! Starlight aligns our individual consciousness with Universal Truth to achieve clarity and order. This medicine supports compassionate action, clarity of direction and alignment with your spirit. Continue to relax as you gaze at the Circle and allow it to help you re-frame what you really want to communicate. That way, your words will have a more desirable impact.

“What I really want to say is _________________________________.”



You have taken the time to consider the true impact of your words and re-framed any confusion or negativity into more heartfelt communication. Be sure to take some time to relax. Take a walk and integrate what you’ve come up with.


If you’d like, there are a couple other steps you could take that would really improve how you handle success and empower your transition to the New Paradigm. 

Extra-intuitive Activities for Adapting to Success

About the Author

Rheanni Lightwater - Adapting to SuccessRheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT specializes in online mind body healing and COVID support using Reiki Energy Medicine,  Hypnotherapy, Dream Tending and the Intuitive Learning Circles™Specialized protocols include Advanced Energy Recalibrations for:

  • Respiratory and Circulatory Health
  • Overstimulated Nervous System and Immune Response
  • Digestive and Intestinal Health
  • Sleep Difficulties and Nightmares
  • Chemical Sensitivities & Static Electro-magnetic Clearing

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This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Feng Shui in Santa Fe

Discover the Art of Space Clearing and Feng Shui in Santa Fe ~

Since 2002, Rheanni Lightwater has been combining her medical intuitive skills with Feng Shui to create greater health and prosperity to help us as we evolve into the energy of the  New Paradigm. Today, Soul Resources is excited to offer this form of Feng Shui in Santa Fe!

Feng Shui in Santa Fe

Feng shui (pronunced “fung shway”) is a Chinese term that means “wind and water” symbolizing the natural flow of “chi” or life energy that flows through our environment and supports life. Predating Taoism and Confucianism, this ancient art of flow and placement in one’s environment has been used to facilitate balance and well being in every important aspect of life.

Feng Shui in Santa Fe can make a real difference in the ch’i of your home and the success of your business by:

  • Creating a more balanced and harmonious atmosphere.
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  • Freeing your property of any old baggage and negative history from the past or previous occupants including: bankruptcy, criminal activity, death, illness, divorce, etc.
  • Accessing a generative flow of life force to support life-affirming goals.

In addition, Rheanni can provide simple, effective recommendations about placement, balance, colors, or any elements to add, move or take away.

Feng Shui in Santa Fe Creates Common Ground

Recent changes in the Earth’s electro-magnetic grid have challenged us by causing a collapse in the electro-magnetic fields that support our buildings and community infrastructures.

We now have a unique opportunity to detach from the old patriarchal grids and reset our internal and external Feng Shui grids to generate Common Ground for equality, personal responsibility, co-operative action and sustainable prosperity! 

If you are:

  • Easily overwhelmed by having too much to do
  • Feeling unstable and having trouble staying grounded
  • Running around in circles, getting little constructive done
  • Experiencing rough communications and emotional volatility
  • Having difficulty staying on track with your goals, or alternately
  • Feeling very stuck and unable to move

Rheanni Lightwater specializes in helping you clear the static and make a change for the better. She offers Covid-safe space clearing and Feng Shui in the counties of Santa Fe and Bernalillo in New Mexico.

Rheanni Lightwater - Feng Shui in Santa Fe
Rheanni Lightwater, Reiki Master / Teacher, Feng Shui Consultant

If you have had your Feng Shui set up by Rheanni in the past, it’s highly recommend to have it reset as soon as possible. Please note: when Mercury is in Retrograde, it is not a good time to establish Feng Shui grids. It is, however, a good time to do internal work, upgrading your internal energy systems with mind body healing).

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Rheanni also provides emotional support and self-care techniques through Medical Intuition, Reiki, Energy Medicine and Hypnotherapy…


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FAQs for Feng Shui Appointments ~

The objectives of each Feng Shui consultation are unique, based on your individual needs. For that reason, Rheanni offers a complimentary 15 minute interview to determine if this kind of session would be effective for you. After that, you will be asked to fill out a Client  Feng Shui Intake Form to clarify your concerns and goals.

Client  Feng Shui Intake Form

Clearing and Set Up Sessions are $120.00 per hour, + NM Sales Tax. An average session takes between 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Follow up recommendations are billed at $60.00 per hour.

If a property is being prepared for selling, Realtors need only be present to open up the house and provide any pertinent information. Owners are encouraged to be present.

Properties outside of the Santa Fe area require a reasonable fee to accommodate the time and distance traveled.

Some services can be provided online over Zoom. Call Rheanni at (505) 271-4612 (Mountain Standard Time) to see if this option will work for you.

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Navigate Your Karma

Navigate Your Karma: Understanding How the Root Cause is the Answer to Resolution ~ with Rheanni Lightwater

Your Root Chakra Is Deeply Connected to Personal and Collective Karma that Influences your Physical Conditions.

Root Chakra - Navigate Your Karma

Your chakras are part of how you use your energy to manifest your goals and your root energy provides a foundation for your basic physiological and biological needs. This includes your needs for air, food (nourishment), water, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep and method(s) of communication. This exercise is designed to help you navigate your karma, especially around these basic needs by gently reprogramming your root chakra.

What do I mean by “karma”?

Being human at this time and on this planet is your karma (as well as mine) and we share that karma collectively. In my opinion, the best explanation of karma is simply the physical and spiritual law of cause and effect. “For every action, there is a reaction.” “What I put out comes back to me.”

Navigate Your Karma - Life Destructive Flow

Whenever you have a thought, decide to follow through on it and then take action, you have created karma. As far as the Cosmos is concerned, there is no judgement about it or suffering assigned to it, only consequences. In other words, there will be some kind of effect from anything that’s put into motion.

Let’s use the example of your birth. Certain thoughts, decisions and actions your grandparents took caused them to create the circumstances for your parents to conceive you. You incarnated! Your karmic seeds for being a human have ripened! For better or for worse. That goes for me too, both good and bad, or as I like to put it – preferred and unpreferred.

There is always a mixture of preferred and unpreferred karma. It’s never all bad or all good. Even the terms “good” and “bad” are only relevant to your goals and point of view. You may say that your job situation is bad karma, yet to another person, having any job at all could be seen as good karma to them. The individual’s perspective makes all the difference.

For example, you may see that new car as good karma today and tomorrow you get into a bad accident by driving too fast in it. Is it “good”, “bad”, a punishment? No, simply the natural consequences of actions you’ve taken. However, if you decide that it’s a punishment and then you act on that decision, you are technically creating the karma for “punishment.” The Cosmos is neutral, but you have condemned yourself.

If you then decide to deny your responsibility for your part in that accident and continue to lie to yourself about it, a karmic pattern begins to form (or continues). Denial only plants the karmic seeds for more denial and lies which then leads to punishment, then more denial, which then creates more lies… and so it goes – on and on and on. In Buddhism, it’s called samsara – the cycle of suffering.

The Way Out – You Can Navigate Your Karma by Setting It Right.

Situations are neutral and more often than not, our unpreferred situations actually help us to learn and propel us further on our spiritual journey.

Another more poignant example is our karma as it pertains to the coronavirus. The overall atmosphere of the pandemic and its accompanying financial upheaval has undeniably been a group experience and therefore a clearcut example of collective cause and effect.

Yet the disruption provides valuable experience as it assists us in understanding why we need to deal with social injustice or climate change. We might also discover ways to create more preferred financial structures and live together more peacefully.

So, how might you navigate your karma as an individual in the midst of this collective karma?

There are many choices and subsequent consequences. Some people could make a decision to ignore safety recommendations and follow through by going out without protection. “I went out. I got sick. I should have listened!” Some go out and have little or no immediately perceivable consequences. “I went out. I didn’t catch the virus. I’m all that.” Others do everything right and still have a terrible time. “I did everything right. I still got the virus. Why am being punished?”

The structures of the status quo tell us that we are “sinners.” However, the Cosmos is neutral. We are really our own judge and jury. Our perception and what ideas we buy into are the key factors for how we either resolve the karma or intensify it.

So here we all are, sitting in the middle of our pandemic karma. What’s the best thing to do? For me, the initial answer is to come clean with it. Accept my part in what’s happening and learn from it. Be open to new thoughts, make different decisions and then take action on them.

Sounds simple, yet so very difficult. After all, there are those pesky consequences to consider!

Here’s what I do, and it seems to work pretty well. I offer it up for your consideration:

  1. I accept what’s happening and how I feel about it (personal responsibility).
  2. I become open to new thoughts about hope and forgiving myself.
  3. I gather my courage and awareness to make a new decision based on what I would now prefer to experience.
  4. I take action on steps 1, 2 and 3 with care and patient consideration.

Navigate Your Karma - Life Affirming Flow

Taking Care of the Root Cause Through a Mind Exercise Using the Intuitive Learning Circles™

Let’s begin by changing our agreements around punishment and being so very black and white, good and bad about everything. Your nervous system holds the energy of those agreements. To let go, start at the bottom of the line and the bottom of your spine. As you move up, you can imagine a lock unlocking – freeing each vertebrae from the chains of outdated, oppressive agreements – all the way up to the top of your spine.

“I release the agreement that I am a sinner.”

“I let go of any agreements I have that karma is ‘bad’ or ‘good’.”

“I decide that karma is neutral. It’s what I do with it that matters.”

“I give up punishment.”

“I release my judgement and let myself off the hook.”

“I decide to accept what’s happening and learn more preferred ways of being, based on what’s needed now.”

What other agreements would you like to change?

Consider a current experience you’re having that you would like to navigate differently. Take a few minutes with this next Circle to turn down the volume and pay attention to what your current perception is.


Once you’ve calmed down, ask yourself:

“How am I perceiving the situation?

What are my fears?

Am I present in my body?”



Next, make sure that you’re fully present.

Continue to relax and let your 3rd Chakra get connected, open and balanced at your solar plexus (the area where your ribs go up in the front).

Your Essential Self is the embodiment of your instinctual nature and the keeper of your personal  energy. It’s most efficiently located in the 3rd Chakra to help you manifest, create happiness and maintain health.

In times of unpreferred Karma, it’s pretty common for the Essential Self to go into a fight or flight response. It may get angry and resist or it could go into hiding or even dissociate. Are you experiencing one of those responses now?

Remind your Essence that you have given up punishment, that it is safe and that you are completely forgiven. 

Imagine that you can pull yourself back from situations across time and space where you are still stuck in “punishment.”


Clear a space for preferred root causes to take hold within the Self.

Use this symbol to Dissolve Destructive mental and emotional patterns.
See the patterns like dark clouds that you can dissipate into sunlight and clear blue skies.
“I dissolve destructive patterns that interfere with my health and happiness
and send them to the Sun to be purified.”


Once the blueprints seem clear, tap into your Root Chakra to clear the energy there. It helps to imagine it as a brilliant, red vibration swirling in a clockwise direction at the bottom of your pelvis. It may feel stuck, reversed or clogged. Don’t worry! You can clear it through your intention and attention! Feel free to move at any time in any way to help you embody your experience. Take all the time you need to do that.


Once that’s complete, place the energy of Forgiveness in the center open space of the Circle. Let it replace the old, collective foundation of Sin and being a sinner! Visualize letting go of all the guilt, shame and fight or flight responses you may be holding there. Allow it to become the foundation for new preferred decisions and a life affirming karmic flow.

Complete the sequence by closing the pathways that lead back to punishment.

“I recognize how spirit guides me through events.
All holes are sealed and healed.
I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


Now that you’ve cleared up agreements about sin and punishment you can navigate your karma in much more productive ways!  In this next section, there’s a list of possible activities to follow through with depending on what makes the most sense in your situation.

Learning Resiliency - Extra-intuitive Activities

Additional resources to help you navigate your karma:

Old SoulYou may or may not need additional information that comes directly from your Soul or Higher Self first. Ask:

“Do I need additional information?”

If so, let your intuition choose a number between 1 -49 from Gifts from the Rainforest. Once you have that number, go to that medicine and read about it.

You might also need a past life clearing of other private session. If that is the case, contact Rheanni and schedule your private online session. Call (505) 271-4612 or email Rheanni at soulresources@gmail.com

You might also need to choose a Mind Exercise or Self-care Formula for more processing:

There are five processes that I recommend at this stage:

Daily Support. Do you need some daily support to increase your awareness and make sure you’re taking good care of yourself? Go here.

Warning. Is your Essence trying to warn you about possible dangers coming? If so, go to Staying Out of Trouble.

Boundaries. Do you think you may be lost in the chaos and busy thoughts of others? Check out Develop Healthy Boundaries.


Clarification. Do you still feel uncertain about trusting your gut instincts and Essential Self? Go here for greater clarity.

Set Limits. Do you suspect that you’re getting scapegoated or dumped on? Learn How to Set Limitations.

Once you have your process number, go ahead and click on the link to that number and follow the directions.

This is the intuitive way to decide which process would help you with navigating your karma right now!

Continue with the Seven Primary Chakras and Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs

Contact Us ~ Online Sessions are Available

If you feel that this Mind Exercise has helped, but hasn’t addressed all of your needs, Rheanni Lightwater, BFA, CHT, CKP is an expert in the art and science of soul retrieval, chakra clearing and transmuting past life karma.Rheanni Lightwater - Navigate Your Karma She has 22+ years experience in Reiki, energy medicine and environmental energy clearing. Contact her if you still feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed.

Ms. Lightwater’s mission as a Mind Body Healing practitioner is to assist people in creating vibrant health, happiness and prosperity. 505-271-4612 or email:

This mind exercise should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment for any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.