Feng Shui Healing Arts

A special feature of the Intuitive Learning Circle™ is sharing Feng Shui Healing Arts inspired by Kuan Yin.

Feng Shui Healing Arts

As a healing deva and feminine Ascended Master, Kuan Yin is  respected throughout the healing community. She has been helping me developsince 2001 with some amazing Feng Shui Healing Arts and I Ching Readings that interpret larger trends and help us adapt to the energy of the cosmos.

As events in the external world clearly indicate, the change that we have been asking for is upon us. Unfortunately, many decaying and corrupt elements must be faced and transmuted in the process. That is why Kuan Yin is very direct and to the point, even though she is the Goddess of Compassion. Her messages and artwork are intended to offer practical suggestions that will inform and illuminate our perceptions so that we can go through what she calls “the quickening” as quickly as possible.

This particular page is here to give you a current listing of the Feng Shui Healing Arts that are available through Soul Resources LLC and the Intuitive Learning Circle. If you have any questions, please send me an email at soulresources@gmail.com or give me a call at 505-271-4612.

Feng Shui Healing Arts

Feng Shui Art for Inspiration


Sacred Feminine and Feng Shui Mandalas

Feng Shui Desert Healing Cards

Feng Shui Healing Arts

Feng Shui Childrens Art

Feng Shui childrens Art

Feng Shui Chinese Horoscope Animals

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Protection

Feng Shui Protection

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What can an Intuitive Feng Shui Consultation do for you?

• Set up an overall atmosphere that is welcoming, warm and comfortable.

• Establish clear goals and positive input to enhance all major aspects of your life or bagua: career, self-cultivation, health, family, wealth and prosperity, reputation, love and marriage, creativity, children, helpful people and travel.

• Bring a more harmonious flow into your environment so that you can more easily achieve your goals.

• Provide tips and assistance in making significant life changes such as: getting married, having children and new career directions.