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Rheanni Lightwater, CK, CHT & Bob Morrison DCH conduct personal counseling sessions and professional training in Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Alternative Healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Techniques include: Reiki, Hypnosis, Touch for Health, Medical Intuition, Regression Therapy, Energy Kinesiology, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Energy Healing, Feng Shui & Past Life Clearing.


Alternative Healing in Santa Fe, NMRheanni Lightwater is an award winning author, hypnotherapist and practitioner of alternative healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is the co-founder of Soul Resources, LLC and has been in the healing arts since 1991. Her background is in trauma resolution, somatic education, shamanic and energy healing using Reiki and Energy Kinesiology. She has spent the past sixteen years writing, researching and developing the Intuitive Learning Circle (TM) method in private practice, medical clinics, workshops, classes and school rooms. Her unique approach to energy medicine and mind/body integration has allowed both children and adults to free themselves from limited thoughts and behaviors that can contribute to serious illness, learning disabilities and emotional distress.

The inspiration for her award winning books and games come from her studies of hypnosis, Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Somatic Education techniques together with indigenous healing through Hawaiian Huna, Tibetan energywork, Peruvian shamanism and feng shui principles.

New Mexico Book Award Winner

NM Book Award FinalistNM Book Award 2010-Winner

In 1991, Ms. Lightwater began her basic bodywork training and quickly expanding into Hawaiian Huna, Cranial Sacral Therapy, BioSomatics and Structural Integration. Later, she received certification in Hypnotherapy, Touch for Health, Kinesiology and became a Master Teacher in Reiki and Karuna® Reiki and Grail Reiki.

Being a consultant and teacher to alternative health professionals, business owners, patients and their families has given her a broad perspective of dealing with stress induced symptoms and the mind body connection. Her first hand experiences with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder make her approach compassionate, practical, expert and keenly felt.

Exploring the mystery of ch’i or life energy continues to be a joy for Ms. Lightwater as she shares her knowledge with those who want to strengthen their own intuitive skills while connecting with their highest potential naturally.


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Robert Scott Morrison, DCH

Bob Morrison, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Alternative Healing in Santa FeRobert is the co-owner and Head Instructor for the Soul Resources LLC School of Hypnotherapy and is a Registered, Certified Instructor for the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

In his counseling services, Robert works with behavioral changes in regard to health, relationships, dealing with addictions, life direction and assisting those who are wanting to grow their businesses or make career changes. Projects include a new hypnotherapeutic model of healing and goal-setting designed to assist people in letting go of unwanted habits, resolve conflicts within themselves and with others and teach people how to consciously create their own reality as a way of realizing their full potential.

Bob has his Doctorate in Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University and is trained in NLP, Regression Therapy, Parts Therapy, and various other advanced alternative healing methods at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. His specialty is spirit releasement, past life regressions and soul integration in the tradition of Peruvian Shamanism. In addition he has studied Time Line Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Pain Management, Holographic Healing, Kinesiology, Movement Education and Peruvian Shamanism. Robert is certified by and registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).

Mr. Morrison is also a Third Degree Reiki Master and Karuna© Reiki Master and draws much of his healing philosophy from Tibetan Buddhism. He holds Masters Degrees in Music from Northwestern University and Public Administration from California State University – Bakersfield, with over 13 years teaching experience.

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Soul Resources, LLC was first formed in Portland, Oregon by Rheanni and Bob in 2001

Mount Hood As a response to the unprecedented mental and emotional distress that began in America on 9/11. The initial purpose of Soul Resources was to research and develop effective alternative healing techniques that would enable people from all walks of life to adapt to change more readily.

Inspired by the cycles of Nature and wisdom from various indigenous cultures, Rheanni came upon a remarkable discovery. By combining meditation, visualization and relaxation with the power of words and symbols, Ms. Lightwater created the Intuitive Learning Circles and manuals that help people retrain their thinking processes.

The technique is derived from “Design Therapy” as practiced by the native people of Peru. Both Rheanni and Bob have studied in the Amazon Jungle with various shamans from the Shipibo and Mestizo cultures.

Peru MalokaBetween 2001 and 2005, the Intuitive Learning Circles were tested extensively in medical clinics, individual therapy sessions, public schools and personal growth workshops where they consistently produced remarkable results.

Today, the Circles are the life-blood of Soul Resources and it’s mission has been expanded by making them available to the general public through an on-line bookstore.

Soul Resources LLC is your source for alternative healing in Santa Fe!

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