Feng Shui in Santa Fe NM

Discover the Art of space clearing and Feng Shui in Santa Fe NM

Experience how feng shui can make a difference in the ch’i of your home and the success of your business:

Feng Shui in Santa Fe NM

  • Make sure your environment is clear of unpleasant or disturbing influences.
  • Get simple, effective recommendations about placement, balance, colors, or
    any elements to add, move or take away.
  • Free your property of any old baggage or negative history from the past – including: bankruptcy, criminal activity, death, illness, divorce, etc.
  • Create and enhance a welcoming and open atmosphere.
  • Instill a sense of safety and stability.
  • Enhance your environment to support your current goals.

Alternative Healing Practitioner, Rheanni Lightwater specializes in space clearing and feng shui in Santa Fe NM and also serves the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and surrounding New Mexico area.


What can an Intuitive Feng Shui Consultation do for you?

Quan Yin's Garden

• Set up an overall atmosphere that is welcoming, warm and comfortable.

• Establish clear goals and positive input to enhance all major aspects of your life or bagua: career, self-cultivation, health, family, wealth and prosperity, reputation, love and marriage, creativity, children, helpful people and travel.

• Bring a more harmonious flow into your environment so that you can more easily achieve your goals.

• Provide tips and assistance in making significant life changes such as: getting married, having children and new career directions.

Feng Shui Success Stories

How does the ch’i in your home or office measure up?

~ Do you feel safe?
~ Is the atmosphere open & welcoming?
~ Does it feel peaceful?
~ Can you relax & be comfortable?
~ Can you have fun there?
~ Are people getting along well?
~ Is it orderly & convenient?
~ What about happiness – does it make you smile inside?
~ Is the atmosphere warm & cheerful?
~ Is there flexibility to grow & expand?
~ Does it feel healthy?

If you answered “no” to three or more of these questions, you can significantly benefit from an intuitive feng shui consultation.

Your environment has a profound affect
on your mood, health and prosperity.
Experience the difference.

An appointment lasts between one and three hours, depending upon the property and the circumstances surrounding it. A complimentary initial telephone consultation is available by calling Rheanni Lightwater at (505) 271-4612.

If a property is being prepared for selling, Realtors need only be present to open up the house and provide any pertinent information. Owners are encouraged to be present.

Properties outside of the Santa Fe area require a reasonable fee to accommodate the time and distance traveled.

Call to make your appointment today:

Rheanni Lightwater

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKP

business (505) 271-4612
Soul Resources, LLC – Santa Fe, New Mexico



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