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Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy

Hypnosis is a state of relaxed concentration which makes it easier to have a ‘single pointed’ focus and a removal of other distractions from the mind. When working with a skilled hypnotherapist over time, clients learn how to achieve this state, where it’s much easier to make positive changes, enhance a healthy self-image, resolve issues from the past and find solutions to long standing concerns.

Hypnosis has been used successfully to reduce physical and mental stress, making it easier to incorporate healthier behavior into the client’s lifestyle.

Reiki Sessions & Energy Medicine

Reiki is a form of hands on healing that gently supports clients by smoothing out stress, clearing blockages and helping them to gain a clearer perspective. With each treatment, clients access deeper and deeper levels of trust and inner peace.

The use of Reiki and other forms of energy medicine, such as cranial-sacral therapy have been proven to help clients be more receptive to their program of treatment and can be especially helpful when calming symptoms related to grief, trauma, loss, chronic fatigue, illness or post traumatic stress.

Sessions are usually performed with the client resting, fully clothed on a massage table or comfortable chair.

Kinesiology & Medical Intuition

Applied Kinesiology supports natural health by improving mental and emotional balance and reducing physical and mental pain and/or tension. The Intuitive Learning Circles™ are a unique Soul System developed by Rheanni that facilitates healing and human potential.

In both these modalities, muscle testing is used to find out how well energy is moving through the body/mind/spirit. A muscle which tests weak indicates some blockage or constriction in the client’s energy flow. Simple methods are then applied to unblock the energy and restore balance into subtle energy fields such as meridians, chakras and auras. This “balancing” process helps the client to function at their best levels.

A Kinesiology session can be performed on a massage table or in a chair. Client’s may also be asked to stand or incorporate simple movement as a part of the balancing procedure.

Feng Shui & Space Clearing

Rheanni’s unique intuitive process applied to your environment. Experience a rare combination of skills and knowledge that will enhance the flow, purpose and energy of your home or office.

Intuitive Readings & Intuitive Learning Circles

A variety of Rheanni Lightwater’s books, games and shamanic techniques are combined to assist clients in actualizing their potential and manifesting happiness. A number of programs are available which can be easily structured around individual or group needs.


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Soul Resources LLCThe services provided by Soul Resources LLC are not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis. We cannot give you a diagnosis and we can’t prescribe.

If you are ill or injured, please seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner.

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