Simplify Your Life

Transformation Game: Simplify Your Life

Kuan Yin's Transformation GamesThe energy continues to change! As we go through the transformation from the old paradigm to the New Paradigm, the ability to ADAPT and Simplify Your Life promises to be more valuable than ever.

Transformation Games are inspired by Kuan Yin, a beloved and respected healing guide among natural health and energy medicine practitioners.

*Caution! Her advice, as always, is direct and to the point! You will want to get out something to take notes with.

Welcome to the I Ching Reading and Transformation Game for:

Hexagram # 17 – ADAPTING by Simplifying Your Life

Simplify Your Life - A Transformation Game

“Simplicity is the path of inner direction and self worth. Examine your goals and the standards you have set for yourself. If they are unworthy, inefficient or nonexistent, it will be difficult to make significant progress in a productive direction. ADAPTING your mindset and how you’re using your energy is the appropriate response at this time. Use your inner wisdom to adjust to the realities of your new environment. See things through the lens of common sense and inner guidance. Dispense with ungrounded over-indulgences in whatever form they take.

To clear away complications and wasted effort, it may be necessary for you to refocus and look at your situation from a more objective perspective. As you do so, remember the strength and power that lives within you. By ADAPTING to your new awareness and simplifying your life, you will find many unexpected rewards.”

This Game is made up of Intuitive Learning Circles, pertinent questions and positive affirmations that will:

    • give you a new perspective
    • activate your heart wisdom and
    • help you ADAPT to a simpler mindset by clearing up mental and emotional clutter.

Some questions to consider as you play Simplify Your Life are:

“Am I making things more complicated than they need to be?”

“Am I wasting my time and energy chasing after too many things?” or

“How can I focus on the aspects of my life that are most important at this time and prioritize my actions?”

If you choose one of these questions to contemplate for a few minutes and then go through the game, you’ll be able to shift your attitude and refocus your mind very quickly.

Why Simplify Your Life?

The pressures of life seem to increase everyday so we need to find guidance that comes from a reliable source. Go through the sequence anytime you feel scattered or overwhelmed. By going within and allowing your Inner Guidance to show you the way, you can simplify your life, make productive decisions and move forward with greater self confidence while you let the chaos take a back seat.”

How to Play Simplify Your Life:

Simply look at the sequence of Circles below while you ponder the questions or positive affirmations that go with them.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Take a few breaths and relax. Use a soft focus to help you go within and access new energy and clarity. What you do with the information you come up with is up to you!

1. To begin, look at this symbol with a soft, relaxed gaze. Repeat to yourself several times:

“I am ready, willing and able to shift my perception from scattered to focused  –  from complexity to simplicity – from distractions to priorities.”


2. While looking at this Circle, think about the different activities you are engaged in. Ask yourself:

“Am I putting too much pressure on myself?”

“Am I spreading myself too thin?”

“Have I been seeing this situation honestly?”


3. Notice if the whole situation makes you feel anxious or uneasy. Breathe a few times and allow this Circle to help you to calm down and see more clearly.


4. Use this Circle from Reiki Chakra Keys to open and balance your third eye chakra. You can do this by focusing your attention on the Circle while you relax and breathe for a few moments. Use these positive affirmations to help:

“I open my intuition and common sense to become aware of what I truly need.” 


5. Use this symbol to ask for help from your Soul to simplify your life and balance your priorities. Once you’ve made a sincere request, be patient and listen for guidance.

“I need to _______________.”

Old Soul



5. Now that you’ve cleared up some of your misperceptions, you can use these next Circles to help you separate fact from fiction. Start by asking yourself:

“What percentage of the work that I’m doing is actually benefitting me?”

“Are there any activities or assumptions I’m making that are actually a waste of my time and pulling me off track?”

If so, can you name what they are?

Does it seem as though you’re just circling around and around without getting what’s really important done? Are you being as direct and efficient as you could be?

Describe what your experience has been like.


“Is there clutter I could clear up that would help me get back on track?” 

Make sure it’s your clutter! If it belongs to someone else, use the Circle to visualize sweeping it all up and sending it back to wherever it belongs. 


“Am I wasting energy and time due to lack of focus?”

“Is there some other issue that I need to be aware of?”


6. Relax for a minute and tune into your solar plexus area. Let the energy get balanced in your 3rd chakra.


Is there something about the situation that reminds you of the way your family sometimes behaves? How about someone else that you know? If so, are you willing to let it go? Gently visualize letting that energy go to the Sun and disappearing.



7. Relax with this image for a minute or two.

“I am willing and able to let go of complications and simplify my life.”


8. Take your time and use this Circle to clear confusion or complexities out of your mind. You may see them as a million details, numbers, calculations or just a bunch of heavy smoke.

“I clear away the smoke screen so I can see what would actually help me.”


9. As you gaze softly at this symbol from Divine Nature Activated, imagine that you can clear up the communication lines between your mind and your body.

    • If communication lines seem tangled up, see them going to the Sun and disappearing. 
    • If communication seems outdated, see your internal system upgrading.
    • If you seem disconnected, imagine your communication lines straightening out and connecting properly within yourself and the outside world.

(You’ll want  to do this while you’re both crossed and uncrossed over the mid-line of your body).



10. Once you’re perceiving things more clearly, ask a few more questions:

“What am I struggling with and am I willing to let it go?”

If you are willing, go ahead and send it to the Sun as you did with the others.

If you’re not willing to let it go, at least you now know what’s really going on.


11. Now that you’ve gone through the Simplify Your Life Game, see if you can use this Circle to give voice to what’s really important.

“I  access my true voice and can express what I truly need. I need to _______________.”


Place your intention in the middle of this Circle and consciously send your energy towards it for improved manifesting. Just like aiming at a bull’s eye!



11. Help yourself to move forward in the right direction by using this Circle to seal and heal all the holes that have been draining your energy.

“All holes are sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

12. Finish the game by making sure the protection of your aura is all sealed and healed – a finishing step that will help your health and focus even more!


Thank yourself for taking the time today to clarify between things that are helpful and those that aren’t. You’ve given voice to what’s important right now and as a result, saved yourself a lot of time and trouble. Not only that, you’ve let go of some epigenetic patterning that’s been cluttering up the situation. This is a positive step in the right direction!

Bring the energy of gratitude in towards the center and let it connect with your heart.

“I am empowered to simplify my life. I am ready, willing and able to follow through on my true priorities.”

Now is a good time to take a walk or go out into Nature to help this all integrate. Be prepared for new ideas and solutions to make their way towards you.

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Simplify Your Life

This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Santa Fe Hypnotherapy | Robert Morrison, DCH

American Board of HypnotherapySanta Fe Hypnotherapist Robert Morrison DCH

Santa Fe Hypnotherapy instructor, Robert Morrison DCH teaches Hypnotherapy Certifications and is available for private sessions by calling (505) 603-0112 or email at:

Education and Training

Robert Morrison DCH
is the co-founder of Soul Resources LLC, which is an Approved School of Hypnosis by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Please note: Hypnotherapy Trainings are currently on hold due to the CoronaVirus until further notice. 

His current projects include a new hypnotherapeutic model of healing and goal-setting designed to assist people in letting go of unwanted habits, resolve conflicts within themselves and with others and teach people how to consciously create their own reality as a way of realizing their full potential.

Robert teaches the Hypnosis Certification Trainings, Intuition Training and Past Life Regressions Intensives for Soul Resources LLC.

Robert is a graduate of American Pacific University and is registered and certified as a Hypnosis Teacher Trainer with the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) and has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1998. He is trained in Past Life Regressions, NLP, Regression Therapy, Parts Therapy, and various other advanced hypnotherapeutic methods at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy.

In addition, he has extensive experience with Intuition Training including: Spirit Releasement Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Pain Management, Holographic Healing, Kinesiology, Holotropic Breathwork and Peruvian Shamanism.

Dr. Morrison is also a Third Degree Reiki Master and Karuna© Reiki Master. He holds Masters Degrees in Music from Northwestern University and Public Administration from California State University.

Santa Fe Hypnotherapy: In My Words,  Robert Morrison, DCH

We are now moving into an age of healing where people are their own, most profound healers. We no longer look to our doctors with complete trust to take care of what ails us, nor do we always accept their diagnosis or opinions as absolute and infallible. I believe, on a material level, the rising cost and demand for health care, easy access to information and a more educated and savvy society have created this. Our society is now beginning to realize that our emotional and spiritual health plays a major part in our physical well being. I believe it’s our thoughts and emotional state that create our physical health.

No matter what state your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health is in, you can decide to change it and bring back to any desirable state that you choose. There is no such thing as a hopeless disease, phobia, habit, relationship or state of being and there is no one who can cure it for you without your active participation. Though hypnotherapy, you can reclaim your power and the will to succeed. You can also align the unconscious mind with your power and will to create a deep expectation and faith in your most joyful hopes and aspirations and know that they will come true.

The role of the healer in the 21st Century is one who acts as both a guide and a mirror showing you who you are and assisting you past your perceived blocks. Our role is to hold the space for you to discover how powerful and capable you are.  

The Approach of Soul Resources LLC

It is difficult to come to forgiveness and peace with ourselves for many reasons that include our upbringing, societal norms, past experiences and host of other events both known and unknown. All of our biographical and transpersonal experiences along with the current state of society, nature and our planet often “inter-play” together to create a seemingly irrational experience of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual maladies.

Both Rheanni and I know that it’s possible for these forces to be woven into a new and beautiful tapestry of Self, but first, the thread and yarn must be untangled. To do that, we assist our students and clients in discovering new and different perspectives about their issues. We do this in a variety of ways.

• We assist them in getting out of survival.
• Facilitate the release of judgement, resentment or shame to create an opening for experiencing forgiveness and peace.
• Break down overwhelming situations to simpler, “do-able” tasks.
• Teach the constructive use of mind. Letting go of fixated mindsets and “mental addictions”.
• Promote quality of life issues including pain control, stress relief, transforming addictive habits and encouraging fun and happiness (this does not mean that we cover up or deny problems, it simply means that we encourage clients to be really gentle with themselves).
•Guide them to untapped inner resources and tools to make the changes that they want to make in their lives.
• Help them transform projections so that they may live happier, more authentic lives.
• Get them in touch with their unlimited potential and motivate them to pursue their goals wisely.

Santa Fe Hypnotherapist | Soul Resources LLC Clients and Students…

The people we work with are not necessarily affluent or rich, but they are generally well educated. Eighty percent have either attended college, graduated from college or have post-graduate degrees. They are intelligent, well educated and of high integrity. These are the common denominators.

The people we serve are interested in new things and new ideas. They are inquisitive, self-sufficient and take an active role in their lives and healing. They do not sit back and wait for the therapist to find the answer or come up with the cure. They realize that they are the cure and are looking for someone to work cooperatively with them to enhance or change their lives. In short, they are responsible for themselves and for their actions. They come to therapy for motivation, support, release and insight into themselves and the world around them.

Finally, the clients we attract are conscious of the mind-body connection to illness and realize that disease comes from the mind and later translates to maladies of the body. They actively seek to transform their beliefs enabling them to transform any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual illness.

Why do clients come to Soul Resources?

  • Sessions are cooperative and of high integrity in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Classes and sessions are fun, interactive and interesting.
  • Techniques used are diverse and can range from general counseling to regression therapy or other transpersonal techniques.
  • We are knowledgeable, helpful and well educated.
  • Session prices are reasonable and are an exceptional value.
  • Client service does not stop after the session. On-going support, groups and classes are often a part of the treatment price.
  • Mutual trust between client and therapist is a priority.

Particular issues that I work with…

  • Relief for Job and Family Stress
  • Mental/Emotional Support for Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Habits and Addictions – Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol, Gambling, Sex
  • Emotional Detoxification – Fears and Phobias, Anger, Resentment
  • Goal Achievement – Career Goals, Sports Enhancement, Test Anxiety, Memory Enhancement
  • Relationship and Money Issues
  • End of Life Issues
  • Spirit Possession and Releasement.

Discuss your interest in our Santa Fe Hypnotherapy Certification Program by calling Robert at  (505) 603-0112 or email at:

Find out about Intuition Training for Personal Growth with us!

Disclaimer: A Hypnotherapy Session is not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis. I can not give you a diagnosis and I can’t prescribe. If you are ill or injured, please seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner.

Hypnotherapy Certification in NM FAQ

Welcome to Hypnotherapy Certification in NM

Hypnotherapy Certification in NMFor your convenience, we’ve gathered information to answer many common questions we get regarding the details about our American Board of Hypnotherapy Certification in NM – Mastering Hypnosis.*

Soul Resources LLC has been registered as an Approved Hypnosis School by the American Board of Hypnotherapy since 2011.

Please note: Hypnotherapy Trainings are currently on hold due to the CoronaVirus until further notice. 

*Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll find general information about hypnotherapy, such as Licensing Regulations and how New Mexico deals with hypnotherapy.

Requirements for the Soul Resources, LLC Hypnotherapy Certification in NM

  1. Schedule an initial interview with the instructor for admission.
  2. Attend the class (48 hours).
  3. Do the reading and assignments (10 hours). The textbooks we use are Hypnosis – a Comprehensive Guide by Tad James and The Wizard Within by A.M Krasner.
  4. Final test – which will be the creation of an intervention of a situation you might encounter as a hypnotherapist, tailor made to what you’re thinking your practice will look like and creating marketing materials for your practice (15 hours).
  5. Upon completion, Soul Resources, LLC will assist you with Certification and Registration with the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Once the class is completed you will have your ABH Registration and Certification and materials and ideas in starting your hypnotherapy practice or a plan to utilize it as a tool for your existing practice.

Hypnotherapy Certification in NM Registration

CURRICULUM & OVERVIEW OF Hypnotherapy Certification in NM

Weekend #1: Induction of Deep Trance Phenomenon Techniques

Saturday 10am – 6pm
The first full day is devoted to trance induction techniques and how to use suggestion to facilitate internal change. The direct and indirect induction techniques of Milton Erickson and George Estabrooks are the main focus. Included will be the history of hypnosis, what is hypnosis, how to go into trance and why trance is such an effective way to facilitate positive change.

Sunday 10am – 6pm:
Learn general interview techniques and how to manage a hypnotherapy session from the beginning to end. Special attention is paid to the induction techniques of Dave Elman. Included is how to demystify hypnosis, conduct a successful interview, create rapport with your client, utilize deepening techniques and convincers, plus how to create personalize suggestions and post-hypnotic suggestions with your client in mind for the most effective session possible. The techniques we teach has been tested with an extremely high success rate and can be utilized for many presenting problems.

Students will begin the process of creating an original hypnotherapeutic intervention as one of their class requirements.

We will also cover basic requirements for starting a hypnotherapy practice in New Mexico and review intake sheets. Note: New Mexico passed a law in 2009 regarding Unlicensed Health Care Practitioners. We will assist you with how this applies to a Hypnotherapy Practice in New Mexico and assist you with the necessary forms. For more information, here is a link with more information:

By the end of the first weekend, students will know & demonstrate how to induce hypnotic trance both on themselves and with another person.

Weekend #2: General Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques

Includes review, questions and clarification from the previous weekend allowing time to practice inducing trance and look at ideas that students have for basic marketing materials (cards, brochure, flyer, etc) for their practices. Students will turn in the first draft of their original hypnotherapeutic intervention as one of their class requirements and receive feedback.

Saturday 10am – 6pm

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation –
The Three Session Smoking Cessation: Preparing to Become Smoke Free, The Cessation Session, and the Follow-up Session. We will explore the common causes for failure around cessation and address client concerns about physical addiction, weight gain and nervousness. Successful techniques in assisting clients to overcome these challenges will be outlined and practiced.

Hypnosis and Letting Go of Weight –
Students will learn the Four Session Weight Control Clinic – Belief Systems, Foods, Exercise and Processing. Plus techniques to assist clients with self esteem that often accompany weight issues including frustration, unreasonable expectations and self image, underlying motivations for emotional eating, letting go of past experiences and self-sabotage.

Sunday 10am – 6pm

Pain Control & Desensitizing Techniques-
Students will learn how to assist clients in producing Analgesia and Anesthesia through hypnosis and will learn various pain control techniques including glove anesthesia, managing secondary gain, dialoguing with pain, dissociation, past experience recall, jamming dialogue and redirection, exaggeration, location elimination and the use of Lightwater Energetic practices and meditation.

We will continue discussing legal and ethical considerations of hypnosis, such as scope of practice as well as beginning plans for marketing strategies including websites, social media and print media.

By the end of the second weekend, students have the materials and confidence to demonstrate all of the above Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques.

Weekend #3: Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Learning Circle™ Techniques

Includes review of completed hypnotherapy induction and marketing project.

Intuitive Learning Circle™ Trance Induction Techniques –
System developed by Rheanni Lightwater, CHT, CKP to assist clients to easily and automatically go into trance, discover the root causes of low energy, anxiety or other manifested problems, then implement behavioral/energetic corrections. Includes emotional healing, grief, trauma and self care for the therapist. Explore the Intuitive Learning Circles >

Performance Enhancement –
Creative confidence boosting techniques for being on target for sports, academics, test taking & and following through on goals Includes speed reading.

Spiritual Hypnosis –
Exploration into metaphysical applications of hypnosis for spiritual healing, including automatic writing, soul retrieval, spirit releasement, working with archetypes and Inner Guides.

After the Three Weekends Are Over – Students are given opportunities for practice sessions with other students, mentoring and continuing education classes including Regression Therapy, Muscle Testing, Reiki I, II, III, Spirit Releasement Therapy and much more.


1) The Wizard Within: The Krasner Method of Clinical Hypnotherapy by Ph.D. A.M Krasner (most of the used books are around $7.50)

2) Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Guide by Tad James (you can get that used for around $18.00)

INVESTMENT for Hypnotherapy Certification in NM

The Regular Investment for the Three Weekend Training is $1400.00.

Tuition Plan Details:
1. Contact us at 505-603-0112 or 505-271-4612 for more information or to schedule your initial interview. Please note – an interview is required for admission to the program.

2. After you’ve been admitted to the program, submit your deposit of $200.00.
Pay your deposit by credit card through the Paypal Button below or send a check to Soul Resources, LLC  3201-C Zafarano Dr. #131, Santa Fe, NM 87507

3. Pay 3 monthly payments of $400.00 on or before each weekend.
Cash, checks and all credit cards accepted.


Certification Fee and first year’s registration for the American Board of Hypnotherapy is included (which is handled after the class and the reading and written requirements are finished). Text books are separate.

Hypnosis Certification in Santa Fe Registration


Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Registration and Refund Policies
Registrations for the Hypnotherapy Certification in NM Training are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. All workshops have limited enrollment, and many fill up quickly. Payment must be received in order to reserve your space.

Please note that all registration deposits are non refundable if you cancel less than 7 days prior to class starting date. Cancellations up to 7 days prior to class we will transfer 50% of your deposit to the very next class. Cancellations with less than 7 days notice will not receive a refund or credit for deposit.

– Late Payments: There is a late payment fee of $35.00 if payment cannot be made according to the agreed upon monthly payment plan. In addition, a $35.00 fee applies to any checks returned for insufficient funds.

Call for Location and Additional Information (505) 271-4612

If you have any other questions about Hypnotherapy Certification in NM:

Please feel free to contact Bob at his email address or you can call him at 505-603-0112.

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In most US states, Hypnosis does not require any sort of license (besides a regular business license). Attached is a link of current state regulations regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy, please check your state in regard to this.

Most of the states that do regulate hypnosis do so for consumer protection and truth in advertising and require hypnotherapists to register.

New Mexico passed a law in 2009 regarding Unlicensed Health Care Practitioners. During the Certification Course, we discuss how this applies to a Hypnotherapy Practice in New Mexico and assist you with the necessary forms. For more information, go to:

Since there are many hypnotherapists out there that are untrained or minimally trained, the American Board of Hypnotherapy has designed certifications to raise the quality of hypnotherapists and to advocate for professionalism in hypnotherapy. Here is a link to the American Board of Hypnotherapy site:

Bob Morrison, DCH is an approved trainer from ABH and Soul Resources LLC is an ABH Approved Hypnosis School. Here is a link to Bob’s qualifications at Santa Fe Hypnotherapy | Robert Morrison DCH

Hypnosis Certification in Santa Fe

Get Your Hypnosis Certification in Santa Fe Through the American Board of Hypnotherapy by Attending Three Weekends of Professional Training in the Land of Enchantment.

Hypnotherapy Trainings are currently on hold due to the CoronaVirus until further notice. 

American Board of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is one of the top 3 techniques we recommend to help anyone expand their intuition and personal growth!

When you experience and become adept at trance induction – it’s the ultimate in natural healing. Hypnosis was used in the ancient Sleep Temples of Egypt, today we can learn to use the hypnotic state to enhance performance, facilitate internal change and inspire vibrant health!

Most of our Hypnosis Certification students are alternative health practitioners, like you:

Life Coaches, Yoga Instructors, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Spiritual Counselors, Social Workers, Personal Trainers, Personal and Health Coaches, Dietitians, Doctors, Psychotherapists, Teachers, Artists, Musicians, Fitness Enthusiasts & more!

Hypnosis Certification in Santa Fe

You can pay more to learn hypnosis…but why?

With Soul Resources’ Mastering Hypnosis Certification, you’ll learn trance induction techniques from Milton Erickson, Dave Elman, George Estabrooks and how to use suggestion to facilitate internal change. By the end of the first weekend, you will know how to induce hypnotic trance both on yourself and with another person.

In addition, you’ll learn:

a) A variety of hypnotherapy interventions including (smoking cessation, weight control, pain control, performance enhancement and spiritual hypnosis) and how you can creatively apply different interventions into different situations.

b) How to work and dialogue with clients as a hypnotherapist

c) How to anchor suggestions and make effective post-hypnotic suggestions

d) Business and marketing considerations in starting a hypnosis practice

e) Strategies for Integrating hypnosis into your current healing modalities
f) The history of hypnosis, what it is and scope of practice

g) How to go into trance and how to teach your clients to use trance effectively for reducing stress and facilitate positive change!

Plus, our Mastering Hypnosis Certification graduates have access to the complete American Board of Hypnotherapy Library of Hypnotherapy Scripts

Your instructor, Robert S. Morrison, DCH is a graduate of American Pacific University and is registered and certified as a Hypnosis Teacher Trainer with the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). He has been a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1998.

What People are Saying About Our Hypnosis Certification

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Robert Morrison DCH at 1-505-603-0112 or contact him through his email address:


Next Training Dates: Due to Trainings are currently on hold. Three Weekends. Sat & Sun. 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

INVESTMENT for Hypnotherapy Certification in NM

The Regular Investment for the Three Weekend Training is $1400.00.

*Tuition includes your ABH Hypnosis Certification and first year’s Registration fee.

To Apply for Your Seat in the Training- Contact Soul Resources, LLC:

1. Call Bob Morrison and talk with him about your interest in the program – 1-505-603-0112 or Rheanni at 505-271-4612. Please note – an interview is required for admission to the program.

2. Once admitted to the program, submit your deposit of $200.00.
Pay your deposit by credit card through the Paypal Button below or send a check for $200.00 to our mailing address at Soul Resources LLC, 3201-C Zafarano Dr. #131, Santa Fe, NM 87507.

3. Pay 3 monthly payments of $400.00 on or or before each weekend.
Cash, checks and all credit cards accepted.


Hypnosis Certification in NM FAQ

Includes ABH Certification & 1st Year’s Registration Fee!   Text additional.

Registration and Refund Policies
Registration for workshops are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.  All workshops have limited enrollment, and many fill up quickly. Payment must be received in order to reserve your space.

Please note that all registration deposits are non refundable if you cancel less than 7 days prior to class starting date. Cancellations up to 7 days prior to class we will transfer 50% of your deposit to the very next training. Cancellations with less than 7 days notice will not receive a refund or credit for deposit.

– Late Payments: There is a late payment fee of $35.00 if payment cannot be made according to the agreed upon monthly payment plan. In addition, a $35.00 fee applies to any checks returned for insufficient funds.

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