Healing Emotional Shock

Any person who is going through serious loss could experience emotional shock.

Healing Emotional ShockThe symptoms of emotional shock are disorientation, numbness, mental confusion or fragmentation. A person may even disconnect and leave their body. This includes people who are witness to traumatic experiences in some way. 

These are all ways that the unconscious mind protects us during a traumatic event.

Note: If you are going through a serious physical disruption currently in your life, please go to Resolving Shock from Traumatic Events.

This exercise can help if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms: 

  • Feeling stuck, immobilized, lost or helpless
  • Unable to relax tension from a startle response
  • Caught in a blank or confused state of mind
  • Waking up at night worried, with obsessive thoughts
  • Reliving painful experiences
  • Alternately feeling trapped and shattered.

The following mind exercise uses the Intuitive Learning Circle method for healing emotional shock ~

Sometimes people who’ve received bad news or experienced a traumatic event will tell you that they’re fine and not to worry about them. They may get confused or shut down and not be able to explain what’s happening to them. That’s because one of the main symptoms of being in shock is not being aware of being in shock. Why is that? During a shock, the mind goes blank as a form of protection.

The Brain and Emotional Shock

Any person involved in a traumatic event could experience disorientation, numbness or mental confusion. They might even fragment out of their body and then not remember what they did. These are all ways that the unconscious mind protects us during a traumatic event and that includes people who are witness to traumatic experiences in some way.

Contrary to popular opinion, having a shock response is not a sign of weakness or something to be ashamed of. It is a physiological event. Nevertheless, if the person doesn’t get a chance to get grounded in their body again – or if they’re not able to – serious problems may develop. Blocked energy and a constant state of fight or flight takes its toll over time. Statements like: “I can’t relax,” “I don’t know what to do,” “I feel disconnected” or “I just check out,” describe the experience of emotional shock.

If any of the above seems like it may apply to you, go through this mind exercise step by step to help you access your own innate healing abilities and bring yourself back into balance.

Simply follow the directions and see if you can free up some of the confusion and conflict that comes from shock. Here’s an example of how it works. Simply gaze softly at the Circle while you contemplate each of these positive affirmations:

“I reclaim and balance my five senses.”

“I focus them to be present and aware of my body.”

“I use them to become aware of my environment and what’s important to me right now.”

“I focus on life affirming actions that benefit my well-being and happiness.”

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body Integration

For best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.

Let yourself breathe and relax as much as possible. Don’t worry if the images move around or change in any way. That just means the Circles are working and that your mind and body are relaxing.
Be sure to go through the entire formula and at the end, give yourself time to rest and integrate.

Healing Emotional Shock and Confusion

Step One:

Take several deep breaths and relax while you look at this Circle that releases shock and inner conflict.

Imagine you can use it to focus in on a conflict or painful experience that’s blocking your way. If your mind is blank, relax into how “blank” it is. You may get a conscious image or message, or you may not.

Once you have a sense that your mind has found the blockage, sit back and take a couple more deep breaths. Imagine that the darkness or heaviness is like an iceberg and the Sun is melting it away with a beautiful beam of light. Allow it to melt until it’s completely gone.

Check for other blockages or conflicts that you can do the same with.

Step Two:

The next step is to bring your senses into balance so that you can see, feel and hear things without the distortion that often accompanies shock.

As you breathe deeply, let this Circle help you to adjust the volume and pitch of your senses to just the right level for you.

Soon you will be able to hear that calm, gentle voice inside that reminds you about what matters the most to you:

“I see things as they really are. My senses are balanced. I can perceive clearly what matters the most.”

Step Three:

When a person is recovering from emotional shock, their energy may express some instability like being scattered, reversed or even shut down completely. Let this Key help you make corrections and repair any glitches, holes or blockages in your system.

Keep relaxing with it until you feel the jagged energy smoothing out and the calm energy of your Soul beginning to come through.


Step Four:

If your gut feels tight or uncomfortable, use this Reiki Chakra Key for your solar plexus to help you relax and get back into balance there. Your solar plexus is that soft place in your belly where your ribs go up. Just take some nice breaths and feel it relax as you say to yourself:

“It’s safe. I feel safe and more relaxed with every breath.”

“I can reconnect with my resources again.”

Take your time and move around if you need to. Stay with it until you feel centered again


Step Five:

Sometimes a person who’s had an emotional shock will be disoriented and feel a bit “out of their body.” In case that’s happening with you, take a few minutes to consciously bring yourself back into your body.

“I am at home in my center. I am inside my body.”

You can open and close your hands. Move your fingers and wiggle your toes around. Notice the time and where you are. These actions all help you recover from emotional shock.

Step Six:

Make sure that you’re no longer planted in that old experience, whatever it was. Let this Circle unearth old agreements, assumptions or conditioning that’s sucking you back into the past or holding you down.

“I uproot whatever is confusing me. I decide to get grounded in what’s true. The Earth supports me.”

There may be a lot, so take all the time you need to free yourself.

Step Seven:

Oftentimes, healing emotional shock and confusion requires a change in priorities. There may be certain plans, ideas or habitual patterns that are no longer relevant or constructive. Certain roles may get suddenly reversed. You can use this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints to help you identify them and dissolve whatever is confusing you.

Actively imagine that the negative patterns in your mind are like heavy clouds or a jumbled maze of fears and nightmares.

Once you have the image, bring the pure light of the Sun in and dissolve the maze completely.

You’ll know that you’re done when you can see yourself standing in a beautiful open field with clear blue skies all around.

Please note: Never send destructive energies into the Earth, she already has too much to handle now. Use the Earth for planting seeds of happiness and life – not death!

Step Eight:

Seal and heal any holes, leaks or openings in your energy field. Leaky energy may open you up to danger or allow harmful energies to attach to you. It can also leave you feeling drained and exhausted.

As you gaze at the Circle, imagine harmful leaks and openings are closing as if they were never there.

“All holes are healed and sealed.”

“I follow the direction of my Soul’s protection.”


Step Nine:

Make sure you aren’t getting sucked up into any old habits or energy drains.

“I deconstruct old habits that cause me harm.”

“I close up any energy drains so that I may recover my strength.”  

“I ask for the void to be filled in with healthy, life affirming energy.”


Step Ten:

Now, it’s important to make sure you’re grounded. Without proper grounding, you could get frantic, distracted and confused. That’s not what you want. What you decide to do matters now more than ever!

Let this Circle for grounding firmly on Mother Earth help you. Place both feet on the ground and your hands on each knee while you use these affirmations:

“I decide to get grounded.”
“My energy is getting coherent and the Earth supports me.”

Again, take all the time you need with this.


Step Eleven:

Bring your attention to the space that surrounds your body.

“I strengthen and repair my auras for greater protection.”

“I feel protected in my body and safe in my own space.”

Step Twelve.

To finish this exercise, let your heart recover. This Circle will help you to balance your heart energy and clear away any residual heaviness. Breathe deeply and take your time.

“I feel the heaviness lifting up out of my heart.”

“I let it go and send it to the Sun where it can be transformed.”

“I have the strength and resilience to shine my light.”

Now that you’re finished with the exercise, consider taking a nice walk outside. Nothing grounds you like being in nature after an emotional shock.

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Rheanni Lightwater - Healing Emotional Shock
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