Self Love: A Quiz on Self-care

Are You Showing Up For Yourself? A Self Love Quiz & Self-care Alignment

Self Love Quiz

The world is filled with advice about how to do this and that. How to find love… how to be happy… what you need to wear… how you need to look. The advertising in the media has an agenda and unconsciously you know what it is: “You’re not good enough as you are – buy our product and you will instantly be fixed!”

Your own mind may be constantly fussing about the past – what you did or didn’t do – or you may be worrying about the future. Especially lately, it’s all too easy to get caught up in external dramas and ignore how important it is for us to stay grounded and keep our minds calm.  

In times like this it’s obvious that what most people really need and want is love. But how can we get there? The way that seems to work best is to remind ourselves through self love. Unfortunately, we often forget to show up for ourselves and in the process, we miss out on what we want the most! 

You can take this short self love quiz that uses angelic guidance and your Essential Self to help remind you that you are a being of Love.

All you need to do is gaze softly at each symbol while you read the affirmation or question that goes with it. 

Begin by Asking for Help from Angelic Beings of Light.

Imagine that you can ask them: “Please, help me slow down and understand how to love myself better…

Am I showing up for myself?” 

The answer you get may be “yes,” “no,” “sometimes” or “not lately.”


Continue your inquiry using this Mandala from Kuan Yin to help you access truthful information:

“Do I often show up more for others than I do for myself?”

“Do I easily get caught up in deceit, dramas and confusion?”

Truth Mandala

“Do I include myself in the equation of creating Love?”


“If I show up more for others than myself a lot, what is my purpose in doing so?

If I get caught up in deceit, dramas and confusion a lot, what is my purpose in doing that?”

“Is it working? Does it help me? How much energy do I use doing these things?

Is that really the best thing for everyone in the long run?”


Are you ready to realign your energy to include what’s best for you? If so, that is self love! Ask your angels to help you fill your Self with strength and courage to love yourself better. Imagine that with every breath, you are filling up with love and light. Here’s a possible affirmation that could help:

“I am important. When I am grounded and love myself, I am grounding Love on the planet.”


With this Circle, become aware of your solar plexus – the soft area in front just below where your ribs go up.

This is the area where your Essential Self is properly positioned.


See if you can relax that area and allow positive energy to flow into it with this affirmation:

“I am present and included in the equation of creating Love.”

Energy Medicine for the New Paradigm

If you do Reiki, you can send it right to your solar plexus.


Now gently look at this symbol and ask your Essential Self:

“Is there something I need to think, do, change or have that would help me to attract more love into my life?”

You may need some extra help from Soul Prayer Charts. Choose a number between 1 – 24 and click through to that chart.


Use these positive affirmations to redirect how you’re using your energy:

“I am ready, willing and able to receive positive energy from my innermost knowing.

I am a being of Love. I am part of the equation. I am part of the solution.

I now allow myself to receive the benefits of sending Love out.”

Do you need assistance from Gifts from the Rainforest? If you get a “yes”, choose a number between 1 – 49 and click through to that plant, animal or nature medicine.


Sit back and relax a moment – allow yourself to receive what you need most. Imagine what it would feel like if you allowed Love to move freely through your being – through your life – like a gentle wind. Let your Essential Self daydream as long as you want.


Now imagine that your Angels are surrounding you with courage, strength and determination to be the very best that you can be!


Finish your self love quiz by imagining you’re facing the Sun and radiating the benefit of its life-giving, positive rays.

“I decide to follow my Inner Light and Divine Guidance.”


Now you’re ready to ask your question again:

“Am I showing up for myself? Do I Love who I am?

Am I receiving Love?”

Old Soul

If the answer is “yes,” congratulations

If the answer is “sometimes,” you’re making progress…

If the answer is “no,” decide to begin today. It’s never too late!


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Rheanni Lightwater - Self Love QuizRheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

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Disclaimer: This mind exercise should not be considered as a replacement for traditional healthcare. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described in this exercise are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.


Intuitive Readings for the New Paradigm

Intuitive Readings with Rheanni LightwaterI use Intuitive Learning Circles™ in my Intuitive Readings.

Rheanni Lightwater – Intuitive and Reiki Master ~

Intuitive Readings are a powerful form of energy clearing and mind body healing that improves self-confidence and productivity. Personal Intuitive Readings can change the direction you’re heading, transform your life and redirect how you are using your energy.

Intuitive Readings with Animal Totems and Nature Spirits help you get back in touch with nature, develop your intuition and strengthen your instincts.

Animal Totems for Inner GuidanceIn the jungle, shamans wake up every morning and connect with Nature. This is a beautiful practice that gives them power, focus of mind and reaffirms their connection with the Earth and the Creator.

We can follow their example using animal totems for inner guidance from the Gifts from the Rainforest series of Shamanic healing.

Look at the Circle for Raven Medicine with a soft focus and breathe deeply.  Use the affirmation:

“What kind of changes would it be good to know about?”

One of my favorite books of divination is the I Ching or Book of Change.

Intuitive Readings with the I ChingThe best thing about the Book of Change is that it’s uniquely equipped to help you understand your timing and the nature of your problems in relation to the ebb and flow of Nature itself.

Intuitive Readings that consult the Tao (or natural flow of life) can be very instructive about how to best handle challenging situations and make the best decisions for you.

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Angelic Guidance is available to provide hope, healing and assistance for those who genuinely request it.

Intuitive Readings - Guidance from Angelic Realms

Access to your Guardian Angel and the Angelic Realms is especially helpful if you have trouble asking for and accepting help. Our society programs us to feel separate and unlovable. This often leads to alternating feelings of stubborn resistance and hopelessness.

Intuitive readings with Angels are for you if you’re ready to take a more cooperative approach to finding grace and accepting your Divinity.

Intuitive Readings can utilize Reiki Chakra Keys to find out if the chakras are properly activated, aligned and functioning to create health and vitality.

Reiki Chakra Keys

Healthy chakras channel energy into and out of the body, which facilitates elimination of toxic materials. Additionally, some chakras are being activated to support our human evolution and awareness. If you are having difficulty activating new chakras or keeping them cleared and balanced, you could be experiencing a great deal of pain and have difficulty eliminating physical, emotional and spiritual toxins.

Since the primary chakras correspond with various organs and systems, a lot of information can be gleaned from intuitive readings using the chakras as an indicator. Find out more about a Grail Reiki healing >


Awakening the Essential Human is a unique type of energy medicine for the New Paradigm for emotional imbalances that could be causing physical, mental or spiritual dis-ease.  

Awakening the Essential HumanThe existence of the Essential Self is discussed in many cultures and disciplines. Other names would be the Authentic Self, the Psyche, the Golden Child or the Basic Self. Regardless of what it’s called, you can think of it as your “I am,” your true essence and direct connection with the rest of the cosmos through your Higher Self.

The Essential Human intuitive readings aim to transform harmful attitudes, emotions and energy patterns that may be stuck in your light body.

Here is the SOS symbol from Soul Oriented Solutions.  I use it all the time to access true help and assistance in times of trouble.

SOS - Soul Oriented SolutionsIt’s especially good at helping highly sensitive people make choices for healing emotional issues, fine- tuning your intuition and listening to your gut feelings.

I use this symbol in several self-help books that Soul Resources publishes – the Soul Oriented Solutions series. Consult with your Soul to find a solution.

Ask yourself: “What kind of reading or process would help me the best?”

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