Chemical Sensitivity Treatments

Detoxification of the Body, Mind and Spirit – Help for Chemical Sensitivity

Rebalancing Cellular Resonance is an advanced energy medicine protocol that addresses chemical sensitivity and effectively removes toxins, rebuilds integrity and strength in all body systems and rebalances the body, mind and spirit.

Why will it help?

Releasing the stress around negative thinking and beliefs greatly improves your ability to physically “let go” of heavy metals, electro-magnetic toxins and chemical sensitivity.  Once you are mentally and emotionally prepared and your energy system is able, it’s much easier to implement a cleansing program that can detoxify your physical body with a minimum of stress and a maximum level of effectiveness. 

What are the energy sessions about?

Each session has a specific objective that the body, mind and spirit is brought into balance with. When stress or resistance is encountered, the appropriate element for correction is found. The sessions are interactive and may involve energy work, kinesiology, mental processing, creative visualizations, flower essences, movement and numerous other advanced forms of re-framing techniques.

There are a total of eight sessions for complete recalibration, which gently enhances your ability to integrate positive lifestyle habits for better health and longevity. The first three sessions are required to be completed sequentially within a six week period. Sessions 4 – 8 are optional and can be done in a different order, depending on the person’s individual needs.

Online sessions are available. 

This advanced healing program is appropriate for you if you:

Have a sincere desire to improve your health, increase your energy or release any obstacles, such as a chemical sensitivity, chronic viral infection, effects of chemotherapy, depression, confusion, low energy or fear that might be preventing you from living a joyful, active life.

Part One: Detoxification of the body, mind and spirit.

Session 1 Objective: “I release the poison from my body, mind and spirit.”

The first segment of this series focuses around balancing any emotions and beliefs that are negatively affecting your ability to “let go.” By assessing the function of the large and small intestine, the 7 major chakras and the meridians, significant obstacles are returned to balance and transformed into vehicles of healing. 

Session 2 Objective: “I rejuvenate my body, mind and spirit.”

The next segment is centered on raising your overall energy level, so that you have what it takes to clear the toxins completely out of your system. We focus on clearing the liver and creating a free and fully connected pathway for energy to move through your body. When these pathways are working together properly, your chi or life force improves dramatically. 

Session 3 Objective: “I cleanse my body, mind and spirit.”

This segment balances harmful thoughts and emotions that are being held in the kidneys, the Ileocecal/ Houston valves, the adrenals, the skin and other subtle energy fields around the body. When these systems of elimination are working properly, you can be sure that the toxins are making it all the way out of your body, without getting backed up. Finally, you will learn an easy meditation using the Violet Flame to continue the cleansing process on your own.

Part Two: Rebuilding and rebalancing the body, mind and spirit

You may benefit from one or all of the following sessions and the order may be changed to accommodate your individual needs.

Session 4 Objective: “My endocrine system fully supports a healthy and energized life.”

The endocrine system creates the necessary hormones for health. Each gland will be assessed for reactive patterns that interfere with it’s proper functioning, recalibrated and cleared so that homeostasis can return.

Session 5 Objective: “My nervous and digestive systems fully support my mental processes.

Heavy metals have a profound effect on your ability to think clearly, assimilate information and respond to the stimulus around you. This session evaluates and recalibrate any imbalances that may be inhibiting these processes.

Session 6 Objective: “I rebuild and enhance my immune and lymphatic system.”

This session intends that cellular waste be processed effectively, emotional or mental blockages to proper immune function are cleared.

Session 7 Objective: “My lungs, my heart, my circulation and my bones fully support a healthy and energized life.”

The process of bringing in and utilizing oxygen is fundamental to all levels of the being. This session returns balance and integration to the various systems involved. 

Session 8 Objective: “The soft tissue of my body is harmonious with and fully supports a healthy and energized life”.

This session confirms that all elements are balanced and harmonized throughout the soft tissue and meridian systems of the body. Any emotional or mental stress that interferes will be cleared.

What is required?

Schedule a complementary evaluation with Rheanni Lightwater to determine if this program will be of assistance to you in your healing program.

Sessions last approximately 2 hours and are appropriately integrated into the care directed by your medical team. Advanced work is available for those who would like to continue their growth and healing.

Additional Protocols for Chemical Sensitivity and Wellness Management Include:

Redirecting Nutrition and Life Energy to Support Balance and Joy
Nutrition Testing
Assimilating Nutrition Correctly
Correcting Reactive Patterns
Advanced Chakra Clearing of Toxins for Greater Harmony
Clear Destructive Eating Patterns

Protocols for Energetic Integrity and Emotional Balance: 

Release Unconscious Stress that’s Contributing to Serious or Chronic Illness
Unlocking Physical / Emotional Pain
Reorganizing Priorities to Improve Decision Making
Basic Centering for Energetic Integrity
Electro-magnetic Reintegration for Joy
Reframe Mental / Emotional Patterns


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