Untangling Family Relationship Issues

Mind Exercise: Clearing Emotional Entanglements from Family Relationship Issues

Family Relationship IssuesEmotional entanglements that come from family relationship issues can be very stubborn and you may feel powerless to free yourself from them.

Sometimes there’s so much going on the dynamics of a person’s childhood, it seems impossible to let go of all the conditioning and allow something different to happen in adult life. 

However, there is a way through to free yourself and get some relief using the Intuitive Learning Circles™ and positive affirmations with your imagination.

Untangling Family Relationship Issues

Step One: Think about the relationship issues in your life that never seem to get better.  No matter what you do, the pattern just keeps returning over and over again. How frustrating! They could be relationships in love, friendship or career. They could be about communication, equality, finances, or access to power. Just about anything!

Use this Circle to help you visualize the nature of the issues from a larger perspective. Are you willing to finally learn from this situation and let it go?

If you are, how would you describe your experience?

You might want to quickly journal your answer to help you express it later through writing, art, music, movement or sharing your story with others. Go ahead and get a feeling for it.

Is there any kind of meddling, interference or co-dependance going on?

Family Relationship Issues - Meddling

If you can get a sense of what it is, write that down too.


Step Two: When dealing with any kind of pain, breathing always helps. Gaze softly at the Circle and breathe in on the count of three. One…two…three.
Exhale to the count of six. One…two…three…four…five…six.
Do this as many times as you like. Breathing in and letting go. 

Imagine that the pain around the relationship issues you’re dealing with is like a huge iceberg. Visualize it melting, moving and breaking apart until your energy relaxes. There may be more than one iceberg. Feel free to move at any time and in any way to help you embody your experience. Continue until you feel a palpable release of tension.

Use this Circle to help you clear away any debris or garbage that’s leftover after the ice has melted. You can imagine a broom (or shovel) just sweeping it all away to the Sun!


Step Three: In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the second level needs are safety oriented. They include protection from the elements, security, order, law, stability and freedom from fear. Family relationship issues often involve these needs. Second level needs are primarily processed through the 2nd Chakra (located approximately 2 – 3 inches down from your navel).

Gaze softly at the Second Chakra Key below for a minute or so. Then ask yourself: “Are these relationship issues having a negative affect on my safety and security needs? Are they causing a problem in any of my current relationships? Are they interfering with my relationship with myself? Is my Second Chakra holding some of that energy?” 

Am I having difficulty accessing information, connection or trust? Do I need chakra healing here? if so, what would help me to bring my 2nd Chakra in balance?


Step Four: Empower your needs and your ability to manifest your highest good. Imagine you can open your heart and get connected to your Divine Power. Take all the time that you need (and be sure you gaze at the symbol both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body for greater mind/body integration).

“I exist and am able to resolve these issues within myself.”


Step Five: Now we’re going to clear some emotional entanglements around this situation. Meditate on the Circle below and imagine that you’re on your path, looking to create healthy relationships, yet for some reason, you can’t see your way. Perhaps the path is blank, crowded or dark or has you feeling anxious and unsafe. Maybe it’s filled with junk, obstructions or debris. Maybe it doesn’t seem to be there at all! How frustrating it is to feel like this when you would really like to have things be different for you now!

Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to make my path clear?” Gather up unconscious information.



It may help to bring your senses into balance. 

“I reclaim and balance my five senses.”

“I focus them to be aware of my path and my current needs around relationships.”

“I use them to perceive how I sabotage myself in my relationships and what I need to let go of.”

“I open my senses to possible solutions, resources, opportunities and _________.”


The Essential HumanStep Six: Let’s suppose that by going through the following sequence of symbols from The Essential Human, you’ll be able clear up your path and see what you need to do to help yourself.


Look at this symbol for a few moments and imagine that you’re untangling a messy string of lights that could light up your path. Stay with it until the lights are all straightened out and ready to be hung.



Imagine that your path is blocked with dozens of little children fighting and bullying each other. As you look at this symbol, imagine that you’re ringing a bell or blowing a horn. As if awakened from a nightmare, the children change their demeanor. Some start to play quietly with each other. Some leave entirely and some of them come up to you and say “hi” nicely.


Now you’re walking through a garden party where lots of couples are dancing.  Suddenly, the center of the garden is filled with a pile of wriggling snakes, ruining everyone’s time! Use the symbol and ring the bell again. You can see the snakes disappearing into thin air. If there are any openings that the snakes got in through, see them close completely. Life has returned to the party!


Now imagine that you come upon a library that represents all the information your family uses to create relationships. Use this symbol to detach from the denial, the resistance, the lies and neglect around your family’s relationship issues.  Use this affirmation to clear away any falsehood:

“I remove all false information. I now perceive the truth about me.”  

“I reclaim my________, ________, ________, etc.”


Look at the Circle and ask your heart, “Am I present and in my own heart space? Or am I somewhere else?

Consciously decide to be present, in your own body, your own heart space, using your own energy.


Look at this Circle and ask yourself, “Am I accessing my own karma or someone else’s to create relationships? Has someone dumped their karma on me? Is someone accessing my karma without my permission?”


Affirm to yourself: “I decide to use only my karma to create my relationships. I naturally deflect and repel other people’s karma and return it to them.

“I reclaim my karma. I am on my own path and in charge of how my karma is used.”


“Since I don’t know how this suffering came to be, I let it go and forgive all transgressions.”


Step Seven: Now that you’ve cleared some major entanglements and karma, it’s time to address any assumptions, misunderstandings or harmful decisions that might affect you going forward. Begin by adjusting the volume to your senses. Some may be turned up too high or some too low. 

“I see things as they really are.”

“I see my path as it really is.”


Relax and let go of any harmful assumptions that come to you through your family or ancestral line.


From this new perspective, what did you misunderstand about relationships?What did you decide about yourself and others?

What would you like to change? Be sure to write your new decisions down, so that you’ll remember.


Step Eight: With this symbol, imagine the all the obstructions and misunderstandings dissolving away until your pathway for healthy relationships is completely clear. Do that both crossed and uncrossed.


Step Nine: Put it all together now. How has this exercise changed your awareness? 

What might you do differently now to create the relationships you really want?


Make an agreement with yourself to follow through on the information you’ve gained through this exercise. Then close the door on all pathways that might lead you back to suffering.

“All doors are sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


Finally, check in with your Second Chakra again for a minute or so. Ask yourself: “Is the original relationship issue still having a negative affect on my safety and security needs? Is my Second Chakra holding energy from that situation now?”

“Does my chakra need balancing now? Do I need Epigenetic Healing from Divine Nature Activated? What else might help me?”


Congratulations! You have made some progress with emotional healing and entanglements from your family relationships. The next time you encounter the issue, notice if the dynamics have changed for you.

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