Soul Prayer Charts

How to Use Soul Prayer Charts to Come Into Alignment with the Energy of Your Soul:

Soul Prayer Charts

The forty-five Intuitive Learning Circles™ in Soul Prayer Charts encompass a broad range of spiritual awareness where a team of Angels and elements of nature work with you to find pathways for healing and realigning disjointed energy.

Each Chart can be used to repair and reorganize spiritual anatomy and physiology that has been damaged by trauma, environmental toxins, illness, negative karma and disconnection from our true source.

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Introduction by author, Rheanni Lightwater with an overview of Soul Prayer Charts and how to use them~

Rheanni Lightwater
Rheanni Lightwater, Reiki Master Teacher

The Intuitive Learning Circle™ method came out of my quest for effective self-care tools that would assist me with my PTSD and various other learning disabilities I had struggled with since early childhood. My journey started with being attuned to Reiki in 1998, which changed everything, including my perspective on life and learning. The guidance I began to get was that the solution to my problems are contained within my subtle energy fields. I needed a new way to communicate with this new part of myself – my Soul and my spiritual guidance.

The format of the charts themselves came soon after the Reiki Attunements when I encountered the energy geometrics of Dr. Victor Beasley, in his book, Intuition By Design. Under the tutelage of my Reiki Guides and the Angelic Realms, I began to explore how I could adapt the design so they could be expanded into communication and navigational tools.

By following the direction I received, I was eventually able to transcribe their messages and develop the first Intuitive Learning Circles into several volumes, each with a specific focus, the first one being Soul Prayer Charts.

Soul Prayer Charts encompass a broad range of spiritual awareness where a team of Angels and elements of nature work with you to find pathways for healing and realigning disjointed energy.

Generally the benefits of working with Soul Prayer Charts are learning how to:

  • Understand and make adjustments in the human subtle energy fields.
  • Improve inner guidance and communication with the Soul, Reiki Guides and the Angels.
  • Receive clarification about important Soul issues that need attention.
  • Gently clear interference from the past and unwanted entanglements.
  • Unlock higher potential and re-instate a respectful connection with nature.

Please note – The Circles will help you gain deeper insight into your situation; however, with some, you might experience a release or energetic reorganization. You might also be guided to use another healing modality, such as plant essences, herbs, essential oils, etc.

Use them to rebuild and make corrections in the energetic structures that significantly affect spiritual, emotional and physical health, including auras, chakras, and electro-magnetic fields.

How the Soul Prayer Charts work:

All Intuitive Learning Circles™ contain structure, order, simplicity and flow that’s designed to interrupt negative brain patterns and replace them with healthy, life affirming input. When used properly, a person can bypass the critical thoughts of their ego and access deep levels of spiritual, intuitive knowing.
For the ILC method to work, you must ask for help from the highest level of spiritual guidance – your own Higher Self and your Guardian Angel – who have only the best intentions for you and your highest good.

You can use the Divine Grace Chart to ask for help, important guidance – even to facilitate a clearing:

Relax and gaze softly at the chart. Go within and get in touch with your heart center. Ask yourself:

“What number between 1 and 45 has guidance for me today?”

Soul Prayer Charts

Make a note of the number and then scroll down the list to access help.

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1. Divine Light – This chart indicates that there is some darkness or negativity hiding in your energy field. It may be causing you to focus too much on problems, rather than solutions.

Are shadows blocking your Light? Clear away the shadows.

Visualize: Scan your energy field with the full power of the Divine and Angelic Realms and send all shadows to the light.


2. Free Will – This chart will help you identify and release a part of another’s Soul or Essential Self that has attached to you because of some kind of conflict.

Are you preoccupied with someone? Do you feel blocked by someone else’s wishes for you? Release any Soul Energy that is not you.

Visualize: Having gratitude for what they have taught you, peel them off of you and then firmly send them home to wherever they belong.


Energy Medicine for the New Paradigm3. Disassociation – This chart indicates that there is a need to reclaim your Soul or Essence from a distant time or place.

Are you feeling lost, vacant or missing in action? If so, it’s time to call back your Essence. 

Visualize: Any aspect of you that may be stuck in the past, present or future is coming home to your solar plexus area.


4. Autonomy – Use this chart to clear and repair your energy field of any parts, functions or devices that belong elsewhere.

It’s time to clean out the closets and stop storing things that are harmful to you! Firmly send any foreign parts or debris to the Light and repair the integrity of your energy.

Visualize: Sending things to the Light to be returned to wherever they need to go to be healed. Consciously repair any pockets or damage in your energy field. 


5. Personal Authority – This chart points out that there are parts, special abilities, gifts or talents belonging to your Essential Self that are not in your possession.

Do you feel disconnected from your gifts or talents? Does a part of you feel missing? If so, It’s time to call them back.

Visualize: Those parts and/or functions returning to you and finding their correct place within your energy field. 


6. Auric Bodies – This chart helps you repair and refocus your auras. There are seven auric bodies that govern and protect our physical state in this incarnation. In addition, other auric bodies exist in other planes of existence. They could also be affecting you.

Strong protection for the body/mind and spirit is important. Are you present? Are repairs needed in your auric field?

Visualize:  Repairing any rips or tears in your aura. Refocus them with your energy signature. Strengthen your presence and refine the energy of your light.


7. True Self – This chart helps to identify whether you are operating out of a false front (ego) or your authentic self.

Do you feel as though you are cursed or karmically blocked? It’s time to get to the bottom of your problems. What is really going on?

Visualize: Calling upon your Spirit and Guardian Angel to help you peel away all false patterns. Uncover your true design. 


8. Sky – This chart aligns you more closely with your stars and true destiny so that you can have a channel of integrity for Spirit to live through.

Do you need to clear interference and distractions from your mind? Are your thoughts aligned with your destiny? From a place of realistic clarity, what do you need to do?

Visualize: A jangled, tangled atmosphere filled with clutter and distractions. Clear the clutter away until you can gently focus on a simple, heart felt intention that expresses who you really are and what is truly needed. 


9. Water – This chart helps you to regain emotional balance. Use when you are feeling powerless in the face of any strong emotion.  

What emotions are you feeling? Are you tapping into emotional groupthink? What decisions have you made about yourself that might have given rise to these emotions?

Affirm: “I am in charge of how I feel in this situation.” Detach from harmful attitudes or groupthink. Visualize: Emotional toxins washing away.


10. Air  – Use this chart to identify and clear foreign energy signatures from your auras and other subtle energy fields. Reveal the unique pattern and signature of your Soul.

Are you experiencing lack of clarity about who you are?  Release any agreement to attract or carry signatures that are not authentically from your Soul.

Visualize: Erasing graffiti and washing defacements off of your energy field.


11. Earth – Use this chart to unearth and free yourself from any beliefs, attitudes or behaviors that no longer serve you. 

Are you being held back by conditioning from early childhood or societal conditioning? Release your agreements to abide by them any longer.

Visualize: Uprooting old, entangled expectations planted in the Earth that have bound you to archaic, patriarchal or harmful conditioning. 


12. Divine Word – This chart helps you hold open communication with your Divine Self through your heart. 

Ask your heart, “What does my Spirit want me to know? or “What do I need genuine guidance about?”

Visualize: An open channel in your heart. Ask your Soul to gently take you by the head and turn you toward the direction of what is needed next.


Divine Connection – This chart helps you find the opening and reconnection point to your Sacred Heart.

What do you need to make peace with? Do you feel as though you don’t exist or have no power to change? 

Visualize: Going deep inside for answers instead of outside of you. Relax and surrender. Allow your energy to recalibrate to your highest good.


14. Soul Color – This chart helps you identify and strengthen your unique vibration and Soul color.

Are you trying to be something you’re not and do things the way other people would have you do them? Are you tempted? If so, return to your own way and strengthen it.

Visualize: Plugging into the truth of who you are at your solar plexus. Unplug aspects of your Essential Self from the attitudes of other people.


15. Energy Systems – Use this chart to help you align all your energy systems to the magnetic pull of your Soul to create flow. 

Is your energy system working properly to create happiness? If not, what is needed? 

Visualize: A puzzle of your energy coming together completely. Remove puzzle pieces that don’t belong. Or – see your life energy flowing like a fountain from the earth below your feet, up the center of your body, continuing up above your head. Allow it to flow back down to the earth and then flow up again and again into infinity.


16. Inner Peace – This is a chart to help you slow down and bring your parasympathetic nervous system into balance or homeostasis.

What is stressing you out? Do you have everything you need to create homeostasis? 

Visualize: Your breath is slowing down and you are becoming still. All systems are coming together to form one rhythm, in alignment with your personal energy signature.


17. Divine Grace – This chart helps you access your Guardian Angel and the Angelic Realms. Use it to ask them for help and information.

Is your energy clear? What do you need help with?

Visualize: Being embraced and protected by helpful angelic beings. Ask for help, listen to the response and be open to receiving that help.


18. Divine Wisdom – This chart helps you get to the source of disharmony or imbalance and then shed Divine light on it. 

Are you connecting to your true source? If not, what is the disconnect about and how can you clear it?

Visualize: Imagine you can switch on a light inside of you. Shine light on the issue to help you resolve the disharmony. 


19. Divine Transformation – This chart gives you the opportunity to surrender harmful roles, armoring and false identities.

What is the story you tell yourself about the world that cuts you off from others and the life you dream of living? If so, what role do you play in that? Is that really yours, or have you taken on that role from someone else?

Visualize: Releasing your agreement with your role. Relax and allow the costume or armor you wear to dissolve or melt away. Affirm: “I accept who I really am.”


Emotional Calm20. Vibration – Use this chart to help you find fixations and triggers that cause you to get stuck in your life. Notice when your breathing stops or becomes very shallow. 

Do you have chakras that are clogged with toxins? Is there a trigger that creates tension or conflict? If so,  can you identify it?

Visualize: Increase breathing and relaxing. Imagine the space around you is actually relaxing and softening. Affirm: “I release the agreement to be triggered by ___________.”


21. Elements – This chart helps you identify how you are relating to the basic elements of life – fire, earth, metal, water, wood, air or ether. 

Which element are you using to create in this situation? or Is there an element that is out of balance for you? 

Visualize: Relaxing and opening up to natural creative energy.  Remember something intrinsic to you that you have created, such as a child, artwork or other successful accomplishment. Resolve to use that energy to create.


22. Inner Divinity – Use this Circle to help you get centered, grounded and more aware, especially if you’re feeling lost, mixed up or confused. 

How are you feeling? Are you ungrounded or confused? What would help you feel better?

Visualize: Bring your awareness to your solar plexus area. Affirm: “I am present, upright and facing forward. I face the facts.”


23. Divine Perspective – Use this chart to pull back and determine the overall picture of suffering that you’re experiencing. 

What are you doing? Is the ego or collective ego interfering or causing harm?

Visualize: See your situation from a distance. Slow down. Zoom in and focus in on the primary problem. Ask your heart: “What is the next step on my way to freedom?”


24. Destructive Blueprints – Use this symbol to dissolve destructive karma, attachments and mental/emotional patterns that are causing you harm. 

Is it time to dissolve a negative connection? Do you need to transmute painful thoughts and emotions?

Visualize: A dark cloud that represents your spiritual, mental and emotional patterns of suffering. Consciously send them to the light or see them dissolve into pure sunlight. Continue until the darkness is all gone and you can see yourself standing in a beautiful field with the Sun shining. 


25. Negative Heart Influences – Here is a symbol that will help you let go of pain and suffering through heart healing. 

Are you experiencing deep wounds to the heart, such as greed, envy, cruelty or jealousy? What would help?

Visualize: Relaxing. Your heart is softening and dropping its armor. Once the heaviness drops, consciously lift it up and send it to the light. Be sure to fill your heart center back up with loving energy, like Reiki.


26. Violent Thought Forms – This symbol identifies and dispels the psychic attacks of war, overthrow, threat of punishment or revenge.

Are you allowing the negative, even violent thoughts of others throw you off track? Don’t let them take you over!

Visualize: Gathering up the arsenal of energetic weapons and sending them to the Sun where they can be safely disarmed.


27. Common Curse Imprints – This chart helps you dispel curse imprints and energetic daggers in your energy field – especially those that originate from cults or religious oppression.

Is someone pretending to send you “good thoughts” that are actually energetic daggers? Could you be trusting the word of someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart?

Visualize: Expelling those imprints from your field and sending them to the Sun. Realize that curses come in many forms and they often masquerade as prayers or blessings. Don’t fall for it!


28. To Each Their Own – This symbol creates and maintains resiliency and autonomy in your auric field. Use it to set things right. Let go of karma, issues and the responsibilities of others, either on an individual or a collective level.

Are you unwittingly acting out someone else’s issues? Are you trying to “fix” something unpleasant for other people? Are you being overly responsible?

Visualize: Sending stuff that’s attaching to you back to whoever you’ve gotten mixed up with. Then, reclaim your own karma, gifts, talents, ideas and issues.


29. Mind Games – This symbol can help you identify and let go of mental and emotional manipulations from individuals or the collective.

Are you getting caught up in cheap theatrics and manipulative herd mentality? Are you sabotaging yourself with a group attitude that doesn’t really reflect how you feel? Are you misusing your energy to feed a collective agenda rather than your own intentions?

Visualize: A cloud of emotional chaos that you are inadvertently attracted to and tapping into. Detach from the electro-magnetic pull of it. Check your attitudes and detach if needed.


30. Clearing Scapegoat Energy – This chart assists in identifying an ingrained pattern of being a scapegoat.

Are you being shamed or blamed for something that you haven’t done? Are you being bullied and backed into a corner? Does this happen often? Are you willing to take apart the pattern you’re stuck in?

Visualize: The pattern of blame or shame exploding or busting up. Choose to disentangle yourself from the psychological pattern of being a “black sheep” by shining the Light of Love on what remains of the pattern.


31. Purify Malignancies – This chart helps you to identify  malignancies that are threatening you on a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level.

Is there a vibration present that’s creating incoherence or chaos? Has it attached to your energy field yet? Or is it already moving through you?

Visualize: Scanning the energy field of your aura (chart #6) to find the level the malignancy is operating on. Instruct your unconscious mind to eject the malignancy from your field entirely. Send it to the Sun so that it causes no more damage.


32. Clearing Energy Drains – Use this chart to help you identify and collapse channels of suffering and malice that are used to dump psychic garbage and to steal your life force.

Are you too open to malicious gossip or harmful intent? Are you ready to connect with others through Love rather than these harmful channels?

Visualize: Ancient sewage pipes that have been opening up into your subtle energy field. Disconnect from them and see them collapsing – Dissolve  and dispel them to the Light.


33. Purify Viral Energies – This chart helps you to identify  viral energies that are a threat to your personal energy field.

Is there a vibration present that’s creating incoherence or chaos? Has it attached to your energy field yet? Or is it already moving through you?

Visualize: That you can scan the energy field of your body. Give your unconscious mind permission to automatically and naturally reject and repel this energy.


34. Immune Integrity – This chart helps you to evaluate the proper function of your immune system on an energetic level.

Is something out of place or missing? Are you susceptible to a viral attack? If so, can you tell what you need?

Visualize: The Circle as a wheel that moves forward freely when all is well and functioning properly. If there’s a problem, a certain spoke will stand out. Go through the list and determine which remedy is needed.


35. Self-care for the Soul – This chart is for when you have been carry the baggage or others or have literally made a commitment to be a garbage dump.

Are you holding onto clutter? Are you susceptible to collecting “stuff” that doesn’t belong with you? Are your true gifts and talents arranged in their most beneficial way?

Visualize: The situation that you’re concern about and gently project this symbol over it. Allow your mind to clear out and re-arrange thoughts and energy until the pattern of coherence settles in over your situation.


36. Holy Spirit – This chart helps you connect with the dynamics of the Holy Spirit and teaches how to manifest miracles.

Do you need a miracle? Are you willing to surrender enough for one to actually happen? If not, why not?

Visualize: The resistance you hold towards this whole situation. Soften your energy with a genuine desire for peace and surrender it to the Divine. Let go and allow Spirit to lead.


37. Shifting Perceptions – This chart helps us to see things from a new and expanded angle that comes from our Spiritual Self.

Innovation requires that we see the error in how we’re thinking. Are you open to new ways of looking at your current situation?

Visualize: Your mind is like a camera that’s pulling way from it’s angle on your current situation. Let your Soul take over and zoom in on the situation from a new angle – the perception that your Soul would like you to see.


38. Reconnecting to Love – This chart helps you access ancestral patterns and karmic traumas that block you or keep you from being in the correct position in relationship to Love.

What is your connection to Love in this situation? Is it blocked or are you blocking someone else’s connection? Does a past life trauma or ancestral pattern need to be released?

Visualize: The chart is like a map that tells you your spiritual relationship to Love. Allow it to help you move to where you belong.


39. Soul Oriented Solutions – This symbol accesses healing and guidance to help you choose remedies that will be most helpful to any recovery process.

What is the priority for helping you to improve your mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health? 

Visualize: that the symbol can give you an answer to questions about your health. Trust your intuition and follow through.


40. Seat of Power – This chart can tell you about   whether or not you are properly located in your seat of power and connecting properly with your resources.

Are you feeling disempowered or vacant in your center? Have you allowed some one or something else to be in charge of your life and how you’re living it?

Visualize: The area of your Solar Plexus. Feel the energy there. Pull your Essence into that center and imagine yourself seated there comfortably with complete access to every important connection and communication system in your body.


41. Soul Protection – This symbol brings the wisdom and protection of the Soul into play when it comes to protecting yourself.

Are you in danger? Do you habitually do this to yourself? If so, stop calling on your Ego to help and call on your spirit instead.

Visualize: A ring of fire that is sourced from your heart and Soul.


42. Common Ground – This symbol helps you create a consciousness foundation based on balance, equality, healthy nourishment, creative freedom and sustainable prosperity.

Are you stuck in the old paradigm of greed, extremism and cruelty? Is some part of your life based around a war-like mindset?

Visualize: Dissolving the obstruction and stepping onto the chart like a grid. Relax and feel yourself re-align and ground in this new consciousness.


43. Soul Information – This chart helps you to recover disenfranchised Soul information about your rightful relationship to self, the planet and her inhabitants.

Have you lost Soul wisdom due to abusive treatment from others? What are you missing? Are you ready to recover it?

Visualize: Relaxing your body, especially your head. Imagine your Soul is pouring an elixir of wisdom and truth into your Crown Chakra. Allow it to flow throughout your system.


44. Reciprocity – This chart will help you determine whether or not you have reciprocity working for you in your current situation.

Are you working hard and not getting any credit? Have you left yourself out of the equation?

Visualize: Sending your energy to a clear intention that specifically includes you and what accomplishing it would do for you. Form your intention until you can feel its presence. Then allow yourself to receive the benefits.


45. Inner Conviction – This chart will help you with your decision-making abilities and follow through on them by organizing your energy around accomplishing your goal.

Do you have a lack of inner conviction about your goal or destination? Are you having trouble making a decision? Do you have conflicting intentions?

Visualize: Planting the seeds for a clear decision or intention. Then ask, “What actions will ground this intention?” Follow through with whatever your Soul shows you to do.


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About the Author ~Rheanni Lightwater - How to Be More Intuitive

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT is the author of Gifts from the Rainforest and has a private practice in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in learning difficulties and mind body healing  using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Personal Intuitive Readings with Rheanni can help you access intuition in much greater detail!

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The Intuitive Learning Circles in Soul Prayer Charts should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment for any ailment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.