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Rheanni Lightwater - Intuitive Reading for May 2020
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In this intuitive reading for May 2020, Rheanni offers a variety of self-care formulas and Transformation Games using the Intuitive Learning Circles to help us all stay calm, clear and balanced while we navigate this pandemic…

Gaining a Larger Perspective on the Current Flow

2020 is the Year of the Yang White or Golden Rat in the Chinese Zodiac. Ironically, exactly 300 years ago was also a Year of the White Rat when the ship “Grand Saint Antoine” brought the last major outbreak of bubonic plague to the City of Marseille, France. The theme of large cycles of collective karma around responsibility and illness is difficult to miss. The Rat is generally described as active, fertile, filled with energy and industrious. However, his darker side seems to be more predominant this year as it was in 1720. Historically, Rats attract clutter, spread disease and generally insert themselves into situations where they can do serious damage. 

Intuitive Reading for MayAlthough we’ve already witnessed unprecedented confusion and mixed messages, 2020 is really teaching us how to take back our power and stand our ground! 

Concerns for the rest of this year will continue to revolve around keeping your environment clean, your thinking clear and your heart strong. Our collective karma for illness and unhealthy patterns of neglect have been activated. How you decide to take care of yourself is up to you!

By the way, all this fits in perfectly with 2020 being the Year of the Emperor within the Tarot system. The Emperor is about male authority and the effective (or ineffective) ways that we manage our physical reality. It’s easy to see how dangerous the Rat’s out of control enthusiasm mixes with the concept of personal responsibility. 

Todays Intuitive Reading for May 15 – 29, 2020.

The I Ching flow did finally land into one predominant flow represented by Hexagram #23 DETERIORATION (Splitting Apart) around April 24th. Here is an excerpt from the text as it applies at this time:

“There is an impressive display of DETERIORATION in nearly every aspect of the current affair. These lesser elements and those who represent them have gained complete control over the situation. DETERIORATION will continue to spread until it falls out of fashion, and there is nothing a person of integrity can do but wait. Eventually there will come a change for the better.

In political affairs and matters of power the time may be thought of as a rapid DETERIORATION or overthrow. There exists now an abundance of incompetent persons in positions of authority to help bring this about. As shown in the extraordinarily long period of recorded history in China, where the I Ching was often used as a political manual, such declines were expected and accepted. The original text of the hexagram states: “The superior man respectfully appreciates the cycles of increase and decrease, of greatness and decadence, as revealed by the heavenly bodies.” The text continues to warn against forging ahead at this time. Your best course is to wait out the difficult times and protect yourself by generously providing for those close to you.

Intuitive Reading for MayThe time should be contemplated with great care in all financial and business matters. If possible, do nothing to progress your own interests. You will simply be advancing into adversity and possibly disaster. The situation is in the hands of persons lacking in vision. Wait until things change and concern yourself, meanwhile, with insuring your own position. Reach out benevolently and consolidate your relationships with those below you. This will provide for you a secure foundation while you wait…

At this time your health and inner development may be in a less than ideal state due to inferior elements in your environment. Yet external ploys will not put an end to the natural cycle of DETERIORATION. Time will. Nurture your mind and body reasonably and sensibly now. Look for wisdom in your acceptance of the times.” ~ Hexagram #23 DETERIORATION  The I Ching Workbook, R. L. Wing

What is the best thing to do in times such as these?

~ Kuan Yin still recommends staying on the path of MODERATION to take good care of yourself.

~ Important Self Care During this Time of Pandemic

SOS - Healthy BoundariesSOS - Illness & LossSOS- for Emotional Shock





~ The extent of what’s happening and the ramifications to our collective future is unfathomable. Everyone you know is in some kind of grieving process! Respect your needs by taking time to gently grieve your losses so you can stay connected to hope and healing. SOS – Self-care for Grief, Illness and Loss

~ There have been so many truly shocking events recently. As these shocks continue to pile up one upon each other, it’s easy to overlook how the weight of each experience could be negatively affecting your overall mental, emotional and physical health. This formula helps you gently process and release shock so that your immune system can stay strong. SOS – Resolving Shock and Confusion.

~ Although we’re practicing social distancing, it’s quite easy to tap into collective fears and emotions about everything that’s going on, especially if you’re a highly sensitive person. There’s never been a better time to keep yourself clear with SOS – Develop Healthy Boundaries.

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Intuitive Reading for May: Please Check Out the Chakra Healing and Self Care Games Below to Support Your Health and Well-being.

Recommended Transformation Games and Mind Exercises to Keep You Moving with the Flow, Rather than Against it.

Because the chakras react to and reflect other subtle energy systems, an imbalance in one of the seven Primary Chakras is usually an indicator of a deeper imbalance affecting many people. Therefore, we’re using the Primary Reiki Chakra Keys to help you identify what needs correction and bring new meaning to the old axiom: “When I heal myself, I help to heal the world.”

Directions: Gaze at each Circle and ask: “Is this chakra balanced?” If the answer is no, click through to the game or exercise and see if it helps.

Navigate Your Karma

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Root Chakra. In this Mind Exercise, you can shift your perception about the karma we’re all living through with this pandemic. 

I Ching Readings Today - The Root Chakra

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Evaluate How Well You Are Nourishing Yourself

The balancing recommended on this level is associated with the Second Chakra. For example, your second chakra is deeply connected to your emotions, your digestion and immunity. To get information about how you’re NOURISHING yourself on these levels and what you might do to improve, play this Transformation Game.

I Ching Readings Today - The Second Chakra

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Rebalance and Reform Your Plan ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Third Chakra. If you are like most people, you’ve been experiencing a lot of change and may realize that you need to get centered again and reform some of your plans. Whether it is a business plan or overall life trajectory, this Transformation Game can help you evaluate what’s working and what isn’t based on your new circumstances.

!I Ching Readings Today - Third Chakra

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Balance Heart Polarity and Clear Pathogens ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Heart Chakra. The Heart Center is your go to place when you need to stabilize and organize your energy. Keep it clear and balanced with this Mind Exercise that helps you balance chakra polarity and release electro-magnetic interference.

I Ching Readings Today - Fourth Chakra

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Communication Help for Doing The Right Thing ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Throat Chakra. If you’re struggling with certain people, it may be because of mixed messages or unresolved issues from your past. By playing this Transformation Game, you can begin to understand what’s motivating you so you can do the right thing to resolve the situation.  

I Ching Readings Today - The Throat Chakra

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Develop Your Precognition ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Third Eye. There are times when you need to turn your intuition and instincts way up. As we navigate this pandemic, this Mind Exercise will help you develop your ‘spidey senses’ and stay away from trouble. 

. I Ching Readings Today - The Third Eye Chakra

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Clear Electro-magnetic Debris ~

The healing recommended on this level is associated with the Crown Chakra. If you’ve been having trouble with your sleep or connecting with your inner guidance, you can go through this mind exercise to help you focus and re-connect with your natural rhythms.

I Ching Readings Today - The Crown Chakra

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Thank you for joining with us for this Intuitive Reading and being a part of the movement into the New Paradigm!

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Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKP
Rheanni Lightwater CHT, Reiki Master Teacher

The intuitive reading for May is put together by Rheanni Lightwater and inspired by – The I Ching Workbook by R. L. Wing.

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