Guidance from Angelic Realms and Your Guardian Angel


Intuitive Readings and Guidance from Angelic Realms

Access to guidance from Angelic Realms and your Guardian Angel can be especially helpful if you're having trouble asking for and accepting help. You may be feeling separate and unlovable. You might bounce between alternating feelings of stubborn resistance and hopelessness.

These intuitive readings are for you if you're ready to take a more cooperative approach to finding grace and accepting your Divinity.

Angelic Guidance

What Angelic Guidance Do You Choose?

Consider the symbols below that will help you to choose what kind of intuitive readings or guidance from Angelic Realms you need for Mind/Body Healing today.

Which symbol catches your attention? 

DNA - Guidance from Angelic Realms

Guidance from Angelic Realms

Divine Nature Activated offers the basis of many of our Transformation Games that involve epigenetic or trans-generational healing. They also facilitate regression therapy to resolve karma from early or past life issues. 

Soul Prayer Charts

Tools for Spiritual Transformation

Intuitive Readings or Mind/Body Healing use Soul Prayer Charts if there is a need for greater protection, self-love or energetic integrity. This collection also expedites resolution of relationship entanglements and  soul retrievals.

Miracles - Channels of Love

Experience the Light Within

This kind of guidance from Angelic Realms teaches us how to align with and communicate through the Language of the Soul. Channels of Spirit strengthens our ability to channel Love so that we can be, create and receive the change we want to see in the world. 

Post Angel-Keys-#14

Angelic Guidance to Create Your Attraction Field for Prosperity

Keys to help you transmute and transform negative thinking around prosperity by bringing the concept of money into alignment with an expression of self-love.

  • Get in the flow
  • Be more receptive
  • Build mana for creating abundance

Keys to Prosperity Consciousness 

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