Clearing Harmful Attitudes and Assumptions

Harmful Attitudes are a form of group think or herd mentality where emotions get all tangled up and amplified.

Clearing Harmful Attitudes and Assumptions

Use The Essential Human for Harmful Attitudes

Harmful Attitudes - The Essential HumanThis Intuitive Learning Circle™ works with your nervous system to help you release agreements around harmful attitudes that you might be reacting to even though you’re not consciously aware of them. In addition, you can use it to clear an entangled attitude or world view that’s stressing you out.


Directions for Clearing Harmful Attitudes:

  1. Use this symbol to help you gain awareness about tangled emotions and harmful attitudes that might be a problem for you right now.


2. Continue to relax and gaze at this Element Chart with a soft focus for a minute or two.


3. Muscle test to find the attitude using the Five Element Attitude Chart. Start with finding the Element, then the Meridian, then the Attitude. 

    “I disentangle from the attitude of: ___________________.”

Clearing Harmful Attitudes from The Essential Human

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4. Go down the list of Emotions in the Five Element Emotion Chart and test for the first emotion that’s entangled. Make a note: The emotion is: ______________.

Five Element Emotion Chart - Harmful Attitudes Click on the image to enlarge.

5. Using the same procedure, muscle test again for the Meridian that the emotion is currently running through that’s causing a problem. Make a note: The incorrect meridian this emotion is flowing through is: _____________.

6. Look at G #11 Raccoon and release any agreement you have to do that anymore:

“I release all agreements to run the energy of _____ through the ______ meridian.”

Release the agreement both crossed and uncrossed. Make only one correction at a time.

Note: Attitudes always include more than one entangled emotion. Repeat the process until you test positive to:

“I’ve successfully disentangled from the attitude of ____________.”

7. Check to see if there are more entangled emotions or harmful attitudes. Repeat the process until you feel that your attitude is appropriate to be successful in your situation.


8. Finish the process by meditating on this symbol that creates and maintains autonomy and resiliency in your auric field. Use these affirmations to help you:

“To Each Their Own.”

“I automatically and naturally deflect invading emotions and energies that are not mine.”

I take back my own issues and energy in accordance with the highest good. I set things right.”




To completely clear an issue in the person’s current life, it’s important to disengage from any underlying assumptions from a family view that is still feed the subconscious mind. Follow this protocol for greater understanding and balance. Directions:

Gaze softly at Subconscious Self Chakras (RCK Letter W) from Reiki Chakra Keys to balance the chakras and detach from the assumption both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of their body. Use these affirmations:

“I close access to all harmful assumptions and agreements from this lifetime.”

“I now assume joy, empowerment and prosperity in my present life.” 

Misunderstandings – Essential Human Involvement

You can use The Essential Human charts to help you uncover how your Essence and the electrical system of your meridians might be caught up in the misunderstanding.

See if a male or female archetype from The Essential Human is involved. There could be more than one, so start by finding the primary archetype that’s holding the entanglement together.

What number between 1 and 42 comes to mind? 


Odd Numbers represent masculine archetypes. 1, 3, 5 etc. Access them here.>

Even Numbers represent feminine archetypes. 2, 4, 6 etc. Access them here.>