Personal Growth Classes in Santa Fe

Personal Growth Classes

Soul Resources LLC is co-founded and operated by Rheanni Lightwater, CHT, CKP and Robert S. Morrison, DCH. The company was first formed in 2001 as a response to the unprecedented mental and emotional distress that began in America on 9/11. The primary purpose of Soul Resources is to develop, publish and teach effective personal growth classes that enable people from all walks of life to adapt to change quickly and bring themselves into balance more readily.

Personal Growth Classes in Santa Fe

We are an Approved School of Hypnosis by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and offer:

  • Hypnosis Certifications in NM
  • Past Life Regression Healing Groups and Training
  • Reiki Training – Usui Shiki Ryo Ho
  • Reiki Power Circles (Online Training)
  • Every Day Feng Shui – Enhancing the Chi
  • Advanced Energy Kinesiology Techniques
  • Manifest Happiness Power Circles
  • Heal Your Karma ECourse

In addition, both Robert and Rheanni are Reiki Master Teachers, Karuna® Reiki Master/Teachers and have studied Peruvian Shamanism since 1998. Through innovative training, publications and individual sessions, these experienced practitioners are dedicated to bringing people to the realization that their lives are the result of their choices and decisions. This realization empowers them to take back their lives, improve their relationships and move forward in a powerful way.

*Note: Because of the personal nature of this kind of work, a brief, initial consultation with one of the instructors is required to make certain that the course you’ve selected is appropriate for you. Initial consultations are free and can be conducted over the phone, Skype or in person.

Personal Growth Classes Schedule

Reiki AttunementsReiki Attunements

with Robert S. Morrison DCH or Rheanni Lightwater CHT, Reiki and *Karuna® Reiki Master/Teachers.

Energy Healing and Intuition Training. A brief, initial consultation is required to make sure that we’re the right choice for you,


Reiki E Classes for Personal GrowthReiki Power Circle

Buy Reiki Chakra Keys to sign up for the Series! Ten support and mentoring sessions with Reiki Master Teacher Rheanni Lightwater to strengthen, reinforce and encourage your progress as an energy practitioner and Reiki student.


ABH-NEWLogowebMastering Hypnosis Certification Training in New Mexico

Approved by the American Board of Hypnotherapy



Every Day Feng ShuiEvery Day Feng Shui

Your relationship with the environment is a reflection of your relationship with yourself and all important aspects of your life. Enjoy Feng Shui Quizzes, Games, Workshops, Products & Articles using Rheanni’s ground breaking personal growth tools – the Intuitive Learning Circles.


Energy Healing ClassesAdvanced Energy Kinesiology

The Intuitive Learning Circle Method identifies and restructures the subtle energy fields to function more appropriately in unity with a person’s Soul or spiritual being. Each module encompasses a wide range of subjects that integrate higher levels of consciousness, health and oneness into daily experiences.



ButtonMHwebManifest Happiness Circles

Advanced energy medicine and personal growth with Rheanni and the Intuitive Learning Circles to integrate essential aspects of your Soul. Transform core issues in your life – career, beliefs, limitations, identities and relationships so that you can manifest happiness.



If you have questions about any of these classes or would like to inquire about a private session with Bob or Rheanni. Call Soul Resources LLC at (505) 271-4612 or (505) 603-0112


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Personal Growth Classes in Santa Fe