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Reiki Eclasses

Empower Your Reiki and Energy Medicine Practice with the Reiki Power Circle and the Reiki Chakra Keys

If you are learning about energy healing, chakra clearing or balancing and you want to find out what the principles and practice are for Usui Shiki Ryo Ho, this dynamic mentoring course and Ebook package is for you!

If you’ve already been Attuned to Reiki and are looking for support, Soul Resources Reiki Eclasses will instruct, inform and encourage your highest potential.

Reiki EclassesWhen you purchase Reiki Chakra Keys, you have access to our Reiki Library of Power Circle Classes and special Energy Healing Meditations that you can enjoy at your own pace. These Reiki eclasses offer a deeper explanation of the chakras – how they work and special techniques for clearing, aligning or balancing blocked energy.

Also included are commentaries on the philosophy and principles of Reiki along with tips, suggestions and words to the wise from Rheanni Lightwater, the author of Reiki Chakra Keys and experienced Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Grail Reiki Master/Teacher with shamanic healing experience since 1998.

Each session or Circle has an Energy Healing Meditation inspired by Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion that’s chosen specifically to help you develop your healing skills and navigate your journey as a energy practitioner.

Reiki Eclasses are a convenient way to invest in the good health and well-being of your body/mind/spirit!

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You Get –

#1webReiki Power Circle #1

The Reiki Journey and Reiki Ideals
Removing Obstructions to Happiness
Be Kind to Yourself
Remember the Reiki Chakra Keys
Kuan Yin’s Chakra Healing Meditation

#2webReiki Power Circle #2

Emotional Healing
A Shift in Focus and Motivation
Align and Balance the Senses
Clearing the Blueprints from the Past
Kuan Yin’s Healing Meditation:
Respect the Earth
Emotional Balancing w/ Reiki Chakra Keys
Good Spiritual Hygiene

#3webReiki Power Circle #3

Guidance from Your Higher Self
The Importance of Your Intention
Loyalty to Your True Nature
Reiki Chakra Keys to Enhance Your Intention
Kuan Yin’s Intuitive Learning Game:
Following Your Heart

#4webReiki Power Circle #4

The Domain of the Unconscious Mind
Understanding Karma
Forgiveness, Forgiveness, Forgiveness
Reiki Chakra Keys to Facilitate Forgiveness
Kuan Yin’s Healing Meditation:
Healing Collective Karmic Patterns of Abuse

#5webReiki Power Circle #5

Use Your Imagination Wisely
Staying True to the Vision of Your Heart
Reiki Chakra Keys and the Essential Self
Kuan Yin’s Transformation Game:
Staying Grounded

 #6webReiki Power Circle #6

Organizing Your Reiki Lifestyle
Understanding Free Will
Establish Clear Priorities and Simplify
Clearing Free Will with Reiki Chakra Keys
Kuan Yin’s Healing Meditation:
The Simplicity Game

#7webReiki Power Circle #7

Reiki and Decision Making
Staying True to Your Priorities
Know Your Limits – Healthy Boundaries
Emotional Shock, the Healing Crisis and Inner Conflict
Reiki Chakra Keys: Reclaiming Your Spiritual Authority
Kuan Yin’s Healing Meditation:
Finding Moderation In Times of Extremes

#8webReiki Power Circle #8

Reiki Ideals: “Just for Today”
Reiki Tools for Following Through
Renegotiate Harmful Decisions
Kindness Begins Within
Polarity and the Chakras
Kuan Yin’s Meditation:
Healing Doubt and Confusion

#9webReiki Power Circle #9

Reiki and Success
Clearing Conflicts Around Success
Commitment and the Unconscious Mind
Time, Space and Circumstance
Kuan Yin’s Healing Meditation:
Success in the New Paradigm

#10webReiki Power Circle #9

Completion Is a Time to Rest
Asking for Help from the Angels
Processing Endings
Kuan Yin’s Healing Meditation:
Close the Energetic Pathways to Suffering
Reiki Chakra Keys And Advanced Training

The text book for your Reiki Eclasses:

Opening to the Heart and Healing with Reiki Chakra Keys

Reiki Chakra Keys

Reiki Chakra Keys is a energy healing workbook of Intuitive Learning Circles – healing symbols and positive affirmations that clear, align, activate and balance 33 Primary and Secondary Chakras. Named as a Finalist in the New Age Category of the New Mexico Book Awards for 2009!


• Use as an easy meditation and chakra healing technique for an increased sense of inner peace and calm.

• Cultivate your personal development by improving your access to your psychic ability, special gifts and talents, including medical intuition, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

• Anchor a fuller sense of self-determination and purpose in your spiritual anatomy.

• Resolve inner conflict and establish greater harmony in personal relationships.

• Create a deeper connection to your spiritual source.

• Improve your health and energy levels.

 PLUS A BONUS GAME  Planting the Seeds for Happiness: Creating Flow in Your Environment

Reiki and Feng Shui go together perfectly! So we’ve included this special Intuitive Learning game to help you examine your environment through your intuitive awareness. That means you’ll be learning to look beyond the familiar three dimensional details and sense the subtle energy of your space. Find out whether your home or apartment has flow, feels dead or has leaks in certain areas. Does it need some color, a clearing of clutter or a major change? Are there objects that are blocking the flow or causing a problem in some other way?

A must for any Reiki practitioner or energy worker that clears space.

*This Reiki online course and the Reiki Chakra Keys are in no way a substitute for a Reiki Attunement through a Reiki Master/Teacher. We do not recommend or advocate “attunements” that are not done in person.

 Your Instructor – Rheanni Lightwater, an experienced Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Grail Reiki Master/Teacher

Rheanni has been a Reiki Practitioner in the Usui tradition since 1998 and uses it daily on herself and in her medical intuitive and feng shui practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is dedicated to providing the best training and ongoing support possible.

Rheanni makes herself available for private consultations or Reiki Attunements – (505) 271-4612

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