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Heal Emotional Entanglements

Kuan Yin’s Essential Healing Game to Heal Emotional Entanglements

Removing Emotional Obstructions to Clear Thinking

This Game uses Intuitive Learning Circles and Archetypal Symbols from “The Essential Human” to remove negative entanglements and restore emotional balance.

Transformation Game - Heal Emotional Entanglements“Your imagination is key to creating change in your life. A flexible and creative mind has the power to remove negativity and obstructions to happiness.

If you look around you right now, you will realize that most everything you see began in someone’s imagination.

The chair you’re sitting in.

The computer in front of you.

If all these things began in someone’s imagination, you will also need to use your own imagination effectively to create the happiness you desire. This game was designed to help you do that.”


Clearing Emotional Gridlock

Sometimes there’s so much going on in a situation, it seems impossible to make headway in a positive direction. Emotional entanglements are rampant in our society and you may feel powerless, however, there is a way to loosen up the emotional gridlock using these symbols with your imagination.

Step One:

Think about a situation you are experiencing that just doesn’t seem to get better, no matter what you try. Use this symbol to help you visualize the problem very clearly.



Step Two:

Now we’re going to use your imagination to heal emotional entanglements you have around this situation. Look at the symbol below and imagine that you’re on a path and you’ve hit a crossroads where the intersection branches off in many different directions. There’s a big signpost with signs for all the different destinations, yet for some reason, you can’t see them clearly. Maybe the words are fuzzy and out of focus, creating confusion in your mind. How frustrating it is to find this at a place where you must decide what you’re going to do and which direction will take you where you want to go!



Step Three:

Let’s suppose that by going through the next few charts, you’ll be able to see the signs clearly and know intuitively what to do and which path (if any) is the correct one to follow.

Look at this symbol for a few moments and imagine that you’re untangling a messy ball of yarn. Stay with it and keep breathing until until the tangles are completely gone.

Essential Human 15


Step Four:

Imagine that you’re in a battlefield filled with warriors fighting in hand to hand combat. As you look at this symbol, transform the situation. Imagine that all the warriors awaken as if from a nightmare and everyone of them spontaneously sets down their weapons, even you!

Essential Human 11


Step Five:

Imagine that you’re at a toy store where a crowd of people are struggling to get the last toy on the shelf. Now use the symbol to transform and clear negativity as you imagine that plenty of toys are appearing – enough for everyone!

There’s nothing to fight over any more. Everyone is okay.

Essential Human 22


Step Six:

Now imagine that you’re back at the crossroads again. How has it changed? Use this affirmation to clear up any remaining emotional confusion:

“I release all false information. I now perceive clearly.”

Essential Human 15


Step Seven:

Now you can use Kuan Yin’s Mandala for Direction and Soul Guidance to complete the game. Use this final affirmation:

“I follow the path of light and clarity.”


Congratulations! You have successfully used your imagination with the Intuitive Learning Circles to heal emotional entanglements from of your unconscious mind. The next time you encounter this situation, notice if the dynamics have changed for you.

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