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Chakra Clearing with Reiki Chakra Keys

Kuan Yin’s Transformation Game for Chakra Clearing

Chakra Clearing with Reiki Chakra KeysMany people are having a difficult time staying grounded because their chakras need clearing from negative relationships that involve power struggles from the past. You can easily remedy this situation by going through this 3 Step Energy Healing Meditation using affirmations and the Intuitive Learning Circles from “Reiki Chakra Keys”.

Put both feet flat on the floor and keep your arms and legs uncrossed. Simply gaze softly at the first image while you repeat the affirmation that goes with it for several minutes. You will probably feel a lot of energy moving – that’s all right, it merely means that the circles are working with Reiki energy to cleanse and balance your chakras. You will know you are done when the healing energy stops and you can think clearly. Then you can move on to the 2nd and then the 3rd circle with each of their affirmations to complete the process. Once you are done, remember to relax and allow your energy to settle.

Step One – (Sub-conscious Self Chakras)

“I release all subconscious agreements to waste my energy on the past.”

“I release all subconscious agreements to waste my energy on worrying about the future.”

“I release all subconscious agreements to tap into other people’s energy or to allow them to tap into mine.”


Step Two (Soul Chakra)

“I reclaim all of my energy, power and gifts and use them to be present for my highest good.”


Step Three – (Heart Chakra)

“I am centered and willing to live my life from the heart. My life is my own.”

Congratulations! Your energy is more your own and you will have a much easier time grounding now. Be sure to take some time to relax and rest.

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