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Feng Shui in Healthcare

Find Support for Good Health and Medical Treatment by Utilizing Feng Shui in Healthcare

Making changes in your health and wellness can be difficult to navigate. Old habits and behaviors make it easy to get off-track, or lose momentum entirely. Feng Shui in healthcare is an important tool for any health program, patient or facilitator.

Feng Shui in Health CareFeng shui is a dependable resource that successful people have used for centuries to help facilitate balance and well being in every important aspect of their lives. Positive input in the appropriate area of a home or office can shift a person’s attitude and encourage them to remain on track in a way that few other things can. This becomes extremely important, especially when one is not feeling well, recovering from environmental damage or while undergoing medical treatment.

“Feng Shui can be highly beneficial for patients with mesothelioma and other forms of cancer, as it allows healing energy to flow properly throughout the patient’s environment. Whether a patient is spending an extended period of time in a hospital room or receiving treatment in their home or a cancer center, a Feng Shui practitioner can examine the environment and make suggestions for arranging the patient’s space so that there is minimal geopathic stress, and an abundance of positive, free-flowing energy.  In fact, the American Cancer Society understands that this practice, when combined with medical treatments for cancer, can be beneficial.

While Feng Shui is not a cure for mesothelioma or any type of cancer, it can be an advantageous addition to a patient’s treatment plan.”

~ features content on their website focusing on the benefits of Feng Shui for cancer patients.

Feng Shui In Healthcare - Rheanni LightwaterRheanni Lightwater practices the intuitive Black Hat Tibetan form of feng shui and space clearing in Santa Fe, NM and neighboring areas of New Mexico. She offers classes and private consultations to assist individuals, families and businesses in achieving their goals and providing energetic and emotional support for those struggling with toxic exposure, heavy metals, electro-magnetic poisoning and chemical sensitivities.

Feng Shui in healthcare is Rheanni’s specialty. Call or text: 505-271-4612.


Feng Shui in Healthcare - Chiropractic Review

 Your Personal Consultation for Feng Shui in Heathcare has Three Basic Steps

 Step One – Clearing the slate

~ Make sure the environment is clear of unpleasant or disturbing influences and is protected against their return.

~ Remove the old agenda’s of previous owners or renters.

~ Clear the imprint of any old baggage or negative history from the past. Examples: bankruptcy, divorce, death, poor health, robbery, etc.

~ Instill a foundation of safety, stability to create a welcoming environment.

Step Two – Identify goals and establish positive input for achieving them
~ Create a blueprint or energetic foundation that provides support for the client’s goals
in the following areas of their life:
  •  Career Knowledge & Self-Cultivation
  •  Health & Family Wealth & Prosperity
  •  Fame & Reputation Love & Marriage
  •  Creativity & Children Helpful People & Travel
~ Discuss and implement strategies for clearing blockages in any of these areas.
~ Identify objects or elements that are causing stress.
Step Three – Enhance the atmosphere for optimum harmony and prosperity
~ Clarify and cultivate the overall feeling that is desired in the environment.
~ Give simple, effective recommendations about placement, balance, colors and any elements to add or take away, so that the feeling becomes a reality.
Schedule your personal appointment by calling or texting: 505-271-4612.

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