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Tipping Point for Clarity and Simplicity

You Can Create a Tipping Point for Clarity and Simplicity.

Ever since 2006, when I first began posting these free online Intuitive Learning Games, we have depended on the concept of the “100th Monkey.” This theory talks about how a new idea or concept could spread automatically from one member of a particular species to other members, even in distant locations, once critical mass or the tipping point has been achieved.

The Hundredth MonkeyThe goal of the games back then was to create a tipping point for positive change. Since then, they’ve gone through several incarnations and have been played by people all over the world!

​Every once in a while, the energy gets so complicated and hard to handle that my Reiki Guide, Kuan Yin suggests that I re-publish one of the first games she ever gave me – her Simplicity Game.
Invariably, whenever enough people play the game, the energy calms down and life gets easier. So, I’m inviting those of you who feel called to join us once again as we create a tipping point for clarity and simplicity.
The Intuitive Learning Circle below communicates the teaching medicine of the Tree Sloth. As you gaze softly at it, ask yourself these simple questions:

“Am I overwhelmed by a situation in my life?”

“Am I wasting my time and energy chasing after a thousand different things?”


“How can I focus on the aspects of my life that are most important to me?”

Sloth Medicine

Let Go of Complexity – Simplify Your Life

Tipping Point for Clarity and SimplicityThis summer has been a barn buster for upside down energy, and it’s going to be turned up even more through the end of July and into August.
That makes it a perfect time to focus on the aspects of your life that are a priority and make sure you’re not wasting time and energy on things that could pull you off track or even back into the past!
When you take a few minutes to play Kuan Yin’s Simplicity Game, you’ll be able to shift your attitude and refocus your mind towards clarity and simplicity very quickly.
I will be posting three additional games in close proximity:
Step 1. Sacred Cow Tipping – Stop Being the Toxic Dump for Others
Step 2. Kuan Yin’s Chakra Clearing for Grounding and Empowerment
Step 3. Kuan Yin’s Feng Shui Exercise for Balance in Your Home

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