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Learn Reiki Healing in Santa Fe

If you are feeling tired and emotionally or physically drained, you can learn Reiki Healing in Santa Fe and get connected to your own self-healing potential!

Reiki is a wonderful and effective way to keep yourself balanced… especially during times like these when the energy is so challenging. The best part is you can easily learn and practice it without having to know a lot of technical things about the body. 

Learn Reiki Healing Whether you are an alternative healing practitioner or a lay person, you can get a lot out of a Level I Reiki Attunement with Rheanni Lightwater.  You can begin your intuition training, balance your own chakras, learn how energy healing works and get your personal copy of Rheanni’s Award Winning energy workbook, Reiki Chakra Keys.

Consider it an investment in the good health and wellness of your body, mind and spirit!

Call to schedule your own Attunement in Santa Fe: 505-271-4612

Rheanni has been a Reiki Practitioner in the Usui tradition since 1998 and uses it daily on herself and in her medical intuitive/feng shui practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is dedicated to providing the best training and ongoing support possible.


Learn Reiki Healing: Additional Training

Second Degree Reiki Training with Rheanni Lightwater is an opportunity to further empower each students own healing and intuitive abilities, plus they will learn how to facilitate complete Reiki Treatments with friends, loved ones & clients.

Participants are attuned to the Second (Practitioner) Level and given the Empowering Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Distant Healing or Bridging Symbol and learn how to use them to deepen their understanding of how chakras, meridians and auras work together to create health.

Level Two Students receive specialized instruction on how to use Reiki for:
◦    Protection
◦    Scanning
◦    Beaming
◦    Chakra & Aura Balancing
◦    Creating Sacred Space for ceremonies & meditation
◦    Distant Healing
◦    Reiki Healing with Crystals

In addition, all Soul Resources LLC Reiki Students receive a helpful self-healing series  – The Reiki Power Circle – 10 editions filled with follow up information and support on clearing and healing with Reiki.

The investment for Level I is $150.00 and Level II is $250.00, plus NM Sales Tax, All classes take place at Soul Resources LLC, located in the southwestern area of Santa Fe. Nearest cross streets are Cerillos and Richards Ave.

Individual Appointments and Attunements are Also Available.

Call to Learn Reiki Healing in Santa Fe – (505) 271-4612


Choices That Support Happiness

Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, is helping us with an energy meditation for making choices that support happiness during this time of mass transformation. Her guidance comes from the I Ching, an ancient Chinese text that follows and predicts movements and energy flow in the cosmos. Her advice, as always, is direct and to… Continue Reading

Disconnecting from Harmful Attitudes

You Can Clear Toxic Emotions by Disconnecting from Harmful Attitudes. Have you ever encountered folks who approached you with this attitude… “Take on my problems because I don’t want to deal with them and you’re supposed to fix them for me.” Then, if you hedged or said “no” because you had the common sense to… Continue Reading

Tipping Point for Clarity and Simplicity

You Can Create a Tipping Point for Clarity and Simplicity. Ever since 2006, when I first began posting these free online Intuitive Learning Games, we have depended on the concept of the “100th Monkey.” This theory talks about how a new idea or concept could spread automatically from one member of a particular species to… Continue Reading

Balancing Your Pitta Energy

A Transformation Game for Balancing Your Pitta Energy During Solar Flares In Ayurvedic medicine, pitta energy is the psycho-physiological source of your personal fire, kept in balance and flow by water. You can have too much of one or too little of the other. The goal, of course is to live in balance. Pitta energy… Continue Reading

Kinesiology Workshops in ABQ

Rheanni Lightwater, co-owner of Soul Resources is offering two Kinesiology Workshops in ABQ to assist both laypeople and health practitioners in becoming adept at muscle testing for nutrition, to clear pain, facilitate transformation and resolve deep emotional/karmic issues. Students are taught a basic foundation for using kinesiology protocols properly to achieve true results. Kinesiology (also… Continue Reading

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