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A Tipping Point for Paranoia and Powerlessness

Bull Tipping: Paranoia and Powerlessness

Bull Tipping - Paranoia and PowerlessnessIt’s time to kick our Sacred Cow Tipping up another notch. The status quo is trying to regain some power they’ve lost by clamping down on safety and security issues. How do they do that? By being secretive and playing on our insecurities. They might make threats, accusations, withhold important information, impose severe cuts and hand down strict proclamations. Anything to leave us in the dark – not knowing what’s going on. You may experience it through a family dynamic, your job, a business interaction or politics in general. Whatever the scenario, it helps to remember that all that posturing is meant to intimidate you back into paranoia and powerlessness. That way, they have the upper hand again. Don’t buy into it!

The worst thing that could happen for the powers that be is for us to remain united. What they fear most is our courage and determination to resolve the racism, sexism, violence and corruption that has kept us divided for millennia.

That’s why we’re playing this game – to test the question:
“Can we stay united and stop the BS that perpetuates racism, sexism, violence and corruption?”

As long as we’re willing to look at ourselves and shift some energy together, I think it is possible, so let’s do it!


Here is the sneaky Sacred Cow that has pulled the strings behind the scenes since time immemorial:

“You’re not okay. You need to be the way I want you to be.”

Tipping the Sacred Cow – Part I

Go through this sequence of Intuitive Learning Circles to assess where you’re at with this Sacred Cow and clear up some confusion.

1. Gaze at this Circle for a moment or two and ask your gut,

“Is there still a part of me that believes I’m not okay?”


“Do I think I need to do something for someone else, rather than for me?’
2.  Continue to relax so you can get more information about your situation,
“Am I afraid to do things and live my life the way that’s best for me?”
“Am I feeling scattered, helpless or fearful?”
Inner Divinity
“Am I willing to pull myself together and stop buying into the manipulation?”

3. If your answer is “yes,” use the Soul Contract Circle below to release any outdated agreement that contributes to the experience of paranoia and powerlessness.


“I let go of the conditioning that prevents me from staying united.”
“I let go of the false idea that I’m not okay.”

“I now decide that I am okay. I am unified to create my highest good.”

4. Now imagine that you can dissolve the mental and emotional blueprint for getting caught up in paranoia and powerlessness. Maybe it looks like a trap, a black cloud or a pile of BS! However it shows up, you can dissolve it now and send it to the Sun.

 I dissolve the trap of paranoia and powerlessness, including all the BS that goes with it.”
Dissolving Destructive Blueprints

Once the blueprint is completely gone, you’re ready to play Part Two of our Sacred Cow Tipping Game to make sure that this issue isn’t interfering with you on a karmic level.

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