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SOS for Stress and Emotional Health

Soul Oriented Solutions – SOS for Stressful, Stuffed Emotions ~

SOS for Stress and Emotional Health

If you’re looking for support for situations that have you emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, confused or out of balance, you can use Soul Oriented Solutions – For Your Inner Journey from Emotional Stress to Self-love to gently release stuffed emotions and stress.

Hint: Formula # 2 is very soothing to someone who is being very hard on themselves. Examples would be a exhausted new mother, a struggling single parent – any overwhelming circumstance. Going through the process will help them to refocus on taking good care of themselves. Plus, when parents feel better about themselves, the children usually do too.

The First Edition was named as a Winner in the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards. Now, SOS has been revised and updated with additional Healing Meditations and Mind Exercises to help you to process and recover from emotional trauma any time you need it. Not only that, you can order it as a pdf ebook and have it on your computer in minutes.

There are a total of nine self-care Formulas and Mind Exercises that use the Intuitive Learning Circle (TM) method to balance the emotional centers of the brain and gently help you to focus on positive solutions that come from your inner truth. The step-by-step process is simple, easy to follow and will get you or your clients back on their feet in no time.

The E-book is available now on this site

and will be available in print version as a personal journal in early 2017!

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