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Make Your Own Decision

Sacred Cow Tipping – Time To Make Your Own Decision

Make Your Own DecisionYou know you can make your own decision about what’s in your best interest. So, what is it with all those people who either can’t make up their minds or are deliberately choosing against their own best interests? 

Here’s my take on it…

 Long, long ago, the Status Quo established some particularly aggravating Sacred Cows to use whenever they got caught in a jam.

This “team effort” was formed and trained specifically to withhold energy and dump physical, emotional and financial hardship onto others by refusing to make socially responsible decisions.

True to form, these old cows are out and acting more like a pack of mules – stubbornly holding on to partisan politics regardless of the consequences. I’m sure you recognize them. They’re called:

Dig Your Heels In, Blame It On Someone Else and Refuse to Make Your Own Decision.

Coming Up On Decision Time

Now our agreements with these Sacred Cows have been released over the last few years, yet our minds continue to surrender our energy and bow down to the fear.

Why is this? I think it’s because the status quo can still depend on our hatred and fear of them. Maybe it’s just a habit we can’t break or perhaps we still believe that hatred and fear are more powerful than courage and faith in the human spirit. 


If you’re tired of letting these Sacred Cows ruin your day and threaten your future, take a couple minutes of your valuable time to release your agreement with them and change how you’re using your energy.

Step One:

It’s so easy to do this, simply look at this Intuitive Learning Circle and cut them loose.

See all those agreements flying up to the Sun – burning into nothingness!

“I release all agreements I have to be held hostage by

partisan politics or the emotions of hatred and fear.”


 “I refuse to support or enable stubborn, withholding behavior.”

 “I refuse to allow hatred and resentment to stop me from living a happy, prosperous life.”

 “I decide to take actions that support my best interests now.”


Step Two:

Now take a moment to recall the pain in your own past that’s been caused by stubborn or irresponsible behavior:

Has your energy ever been drained by someone who refused to face the facts?

Have you ever felt miserable because someone carelessly dumped their prejudices on you?

How often have you paid for someone else’s irresponsible behavior?

Does it seem that some people actually enjoy holding others back?

ILC Vulture Make Your Own Decision

Would you like to let go of the physical, emotional and financial turmoil that all this has held over you? I hope so, ’cause that’s the whole point of Sacred Cow Tipping!


Step Three:

An important part of this game is a powerful symbol we call “Dissolving Destructive Blueprints.” You can use it to dissolve mental and emotional blueprints that are harmful to you. With it you can free your mind from holding this negative pattern! All you have to do is breathe and have the following intention as you gaze softly at the image:

 “I dissolve this pain and negativity like a cloud dissipating in the Sun.”

Dissolving Destructive Blueprints

Step Four:

Play Part II of the Game

Once the cloud is gone, you’re ready to play the rest of the Tipping Point Game, which will help you create more joy and prosperity in your life.

 Make your own decision to care about your future and take action – 

 Play the Rest of our Sacred Cow Tipping Game Now.


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