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Tipping Ancestral Fear

Personal Growth and Self-care: Letting Go of Ancestral Fear.

This is an Intuitive Learning Game about how we might be carrying unconscious survival issues and ancestral fear handed down from our parents and what we can do about it.

Sacred Cow Tipping - Ancestral FearIn my practice as a regression therapist, I have discovered that an incredible amount of peoples’ confusion and difficulties in making change has to do with something called epigenetic inheritance. The Genetic Science Learning Center defines the phenomena this way:

“Epigenetic inheritance is an unconventional finding. It goes against the idea that inheritance happens only through the DNA code that passes from parent to offspring. It means that a parent’s experiences, in the form of epigenetic tags, can be passed down to future generations.”  “The epigenome dynamically responds to the environment. Stress, diet, behavior, toxins, and other factors regulate gene expression.”

Let me share an example of how this handed down gene expression could play out when it comes to ancestral fear:

As children, our very survival is dependent on the approval of whoever has authority. It’s not hard to understand why. Most of the time, it works out reasonably well. We trade good behavior for safety and quietly carry on the illusion that doing as we’re told will yield us great benefits and security. But what if it isn’t true? What if something changed and being on our best behavior actually causes us to miss out on the greatest opportunity of our lives?

What if keeping those age-old customs and belief systems handed down through our family traditions are actually placing us in greater danger, rather than less?

If you enjoy the idea of tipping some old ancestral fear, keep reading! Let’s use the Intuitive Learning Circles™ to find out if any of this is going on with you or me!

Step One: Unearth the Roots of Family Fear

As you look softly at the Circle below, ask your gut,

“Am I playing out an unconscious, ancestral fear?” 

“Do I believe I need permission to speak up for myself?”

“Do I fear that taking action is a threat to me or my loved ones?”

“Do I think I need the approval of others to survive?”

Jaguar Medicine

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, continue playing the game.

If you answered “no” to all the questions, this isn’t a problem for you. Go out and celebrate!


Step Two: Find Out About the Karma

As you look softly at this Circle, ask your heart,

“Is this my karma or am I carrying the karma of someone else?”

“Could it be the karma of someone in my ancestral line?”

“What do I believe would happen if I let it go?”


“Is there any danger in reality?”


Step Three: Change Your Agreement

If the answer is “no, there is no real danger,” use this Soul Contract Circle to release your Soul agreement to continue limiting yourself.

“I release my agreement to carry this karma any longer.”

“I stop buying into the dramas, threats or manipulations that keep this going.”


“My new agreement is, ‘I am safe and free to take actions that benefit me.”


Step Four: Clear the Energetic Pattern

Now imagine that you can actually dissolve the mental, emotional and spiritual pattern of ancestral fear that you’ve been carrying. Whatever it looks or feels like to you, keep dissolving it until your mind is clear.

 “I dissolve all patterns of drama, manipulation and fear.”

Dissolving Destructive Blueprints


Step Five: Next, take some deep, relaxing breaths and pause:

“I welcome the guidance of my Soul. I am open to beneficial information.”

Step Six: Play Part II of the Game

Once you feel clear, you can heal some epigenetic patterns playing our Sacred Cow Tipping Game. You’ll want to finish the pattern for your sake and for those that you love.

Copyright © 2017 Rheanni Lightwater. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: These games should not be considered as a replacement for traditional stress reduction or mental healthcare. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition.

Going Deeper 

Alternative Healing with Rheanni LightwaterEpigenetic Energy Clearings with Rheanni Lightwater can be done in person or long distance over Skype & Facetime. Additional modalities may be utilized as needed – Hypnotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Intuitive Learning Circles™, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Somatic Education, Flower Essences and Regression Therapy.

Call Rheanni to discuss your needs – (505) 271-4612.

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