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Release Social Anxiety and Mental Gridlock

This Transformation Game uses Intuitive Learning Circles and Archetypal Symbols from “The Essential Human” to release social anxiety and mental gridlock when it comes to voter intimidation.

Transformation Game - Release Social AnxietyIn the midst of stressful times, how you use your imagination is key for your emotional health. A flexible and creative mind is essential to help you manage stress and create a positive future.

If your imagination is fixated on something that frightens you, it’s much more difficult to come up with helpful solutions.

Perhaps it’s time we all used our imaginations to release social anxiety so we can create solutions rather than problems. This Transformation Game was designed to help us accomplish that.”


Don’t Let Social Gridlock Give You Mental Gridlock

Sometimes there’s so much going on in a situation, it seems impossible to make headway in a positive direction. Complications are rampant in our society and you may feel powerless. However, there is a way to loosen up the gridlock and release social anxiety using these symbols with your imagination.



Step One:

First, think about a social situation you’re experiencing that’s causing you a lot of anxiety. Use this symbol to help you visualize the problem very clearly.


What are you most worried about in this situation?


Step Two:

Now you’re going to use your imagination to heal any mental gridlock you have around this situation. Look at the Intuitive Learning Circle below and imagine that you’re on your way to an important meeting and you’ve hit a crossroads where the intersection branches off in many different directions. There’s a big signpost with signs for all the different destinations, yet for some reason, you can’t see them clearly. Maybe the words are fuzzy and out of focus, creating confusion in your mind. It’s so frustrating especially when you know how important it is to get to your meeting!



Step Three:

Let’s suppose that by going through the next few charts, you’ll be able to see the signs clearly and know intuitively what to do and which road is the correct one to follow.

Look at this symbol for a few moments and imagine that your emotions are all tangled up like a messy ball of yarn. Breathe and relax while you imagine the yarn straightening itself out. Stay with it and keep breathing until all the tangles are completely gone.

Essential Human 15


Step Four:

Next, imagine that you’re in front of a polling place where a group of people are being harassed and intimidated. The entrance to the polling place is blocked by self appointed bullies and you can feel the anticipation of violence all around you. As you look at this symbol, transform the situation. Imagine that true representatives of justice arrive on the scene. The shouting stops and order is re-established as all the vigilantes drop their arms and quietly walk away. After a few moments of relief, each voter steps forward and takes their turn checking in and voting. Each ballot is registered and everyone’s voice is heard.



Step Five:

After a while, your turn to vote comes. Can you clearly express what you genuinely need and want in your leadership and society? What does your heart tell you? What kind of relationships do you want in your community? Let this Circle help you sort out what’s really important to you.

open-gate053 Soul Prayer Chart


Step Six:

The next scene to imagine is you at a store with a crowd of desperate people grabbing for the last containers of food and drinkable water on the shelf. Everyone is panicked and upset. Now use the symbol to transform the situation. Imagine that plenty of food and drinking water is now available – enough for everyone!

Calm is restored. Everyone is okay and provided for.



Step Seven:

Now imagine that you’re back at the crossroads again. How has it changed? Use this affirmation to clear up any remaining emotional confusion:

“I release all false information. I now perceive clearly.”

Essential Human 15


Step Eight:

For this final step, use Kuan Yin’s Mandala for Direction and Soul Guidance to complete the game. You can use this affirmation if it helps:

“I invest in my best interests. I follow the road of light and clarity.”


Congratulations! You have successfully used your imagination with the Intuitive Learning Circles to release social anxiety and stress from your unconscious mind. As you go about your day, see if the dynamics have changed for you.

2016 © Rheanni Lightwater  All Rights Reserved.

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