Good Feng Shui Cures for Bad Luck

Your feng shui luck can be bolstered in times of difficulty and upheaval with good feng shui cures for bad luck. Here’s what Feng Shui Deva, Kuan Yin has to say:

“Did you know that some forms of “bad luck” are avoidable?

Sometimes people get caught in a web of ill-will due to past or early life experiences where they were designated as the scape goat. You can see this pattern in families where one person seems to be worse off than the others. We call this the “black sheep” syndrome. These persons often have the sense that they are supposed to make every one’s life around them better and suffer from an exaggerated belief that they must fix other people’s discomfort or pain. Conversely, they might rebel against this role and deliberately behave in self-destructive ways that allow everyone around them to point their fingers and say, “What a bad person.”

Finger pointing is a potent form of “sha” or killing energy and in feng shui, it’s represented as any sharp object pointed towards a person or their home or business. Do not underestimate the amount of negative energy that can be created and directed towards you as the result of gossiping, jealousy, envy, anger or revenge. If you are inadvertently engaging in these activities yourself, remember that what you put out, will come back to you.

Good Feng Shui Cures for Bad Luck

Healing the painful cycle of the scapegoat or black sheep syndrome requires both inner and outer feng shui remedies. Unresolved karma, beliefs about yourself and attitudes about others must be brought into awareness, as well as removing the sha energy itself.

You can easily identify the black sheep in the world around you – the troublesome student, the beleaguered employee, the haggard caretaker or the political fall guy. Many famous people are said to be unlucky and tragic. I would like to suggest that their dilemma’s are partly due to the amount of anger, jealousy and envy that is continuously projected towards them. As a compassionate person, I would ask you to see them in their innocence, as you would like others to see you.”

Feng Shui Cure

You can employ these feng shui cures and services to clear negative energy, manifest goals and facilitate further healing:

Good Feng Shui cures for bad luck heal the personal energy flow from the inside/out rather than trying to heal it from the outside/in.

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