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Your Source for Alternative Healing in Santa FE and ABQ – Energy Medicine, Kinesiology, Regression Therapy, Intuitive Learning & ReikiAlternative Healing ABQ Bring all levels of your Body, Mind & Spirit into alignment with your highest potential. 

 Lightwater Energetics

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Reiki and Regression Therapy

The Japanese word Reiki describes different types of healing and spiritual work.
REI is interpreted as meaning supernatural knowledge or spiritual consciousness.
Ki is life force and that energy which permeates all living things.

Therefore, Reiki is life force energy that is guided by God-consciousness.

The Experience

During a Reiki session with Rheanni, you can experience emotional healing, chakra balancing, soul retrieval, spirit releasement, inner child healing, trauma resolution and past life clearing.

Many people seek Rheanni out to clear the energy around

  • negative relationships
  • karmic entanglements
  • removing interference and energy that’s affecting their health, happiness and prosperity.

Sessions occur on a table with clients fully clothed. Additional modalities may be utilized as needed – Hypnotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Somatic Education, Flower Essences and Regression Therapy.

Transformation occurs on all levels of the body, mind and spirit. on the DNA level, in accordance with your highest good. You may access trans-personal visions and receive spiritual guidance from your Higher Self and the Angelic Realms to facilitate your spiritual growth. Clients report significant stress relief, feeling lighter, more energy and clearer mental focus.

Rates: Reiki sessions range from $60.00 – $100.00 (plus NM Tax) depending on the length and nature of the session. Call for free consultation to discuss your needs – (505) 271-4612


Manifest Happiness Circles:

Transform core issues in your life – beliefs, projections, identities and relationships so that obstacles to success in your livelihood and overall happiness are optimized on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Advanced Energy Medicine & Kinesiology

- Advanced Energy Medicine Programs, Shamanic and Medical Intuitive Work using Lightwater Energetics

Rebalancing Cellular Resonance

Detoxification of the Body/Mind and Spirit

A mind/body/spirit approach to health issues that spring from chemical sensitivity or heavy metal poisoning. All energy systems are evaluated and rebalanced to enhance and speed up the detoxing process.

Feng Shui and Inner Chi Balancing

This unique form of balancing is done with the client in their own environment, be it a home or business setting. Elements and patterns of energy within the client are aligned with their goals and then checked against elements and energy in their environment. This balance has a distinct advantage in that the client is balanced at the same time that the area is cleared and set up using feng shui principles.

Find out more about feng shui>>

Hormonal Balance

For physical, emotional and mental issues relating to menopause. Find out more>>

Healthy Weight and Self Esteem

Effective protocols for reprogramming metabolic dysfunction and hormonal or steroidal imbalances caused by MSG, Gluten allergies and other toxic influences.

Rates: Advanced Energy Medicine sessions are between $100.00 – 150.00, depending on the nature of the work and time involved.


Long Distance Intuitive Readings and Clearings

You can schedule a long distance intuitive reading/session with Rheanni. Call her at (505) 271-4612. The Time Zone in Albuquerque is Mountain Standard Time. Or you can send an email to
Include a brief overview of the general situation you are dealing with.
During the session, have your internet connection available and have your questions written down so that everything you want to know is covered. Session over SKYPE are available and encouraged. Rheanni’s SKYPE name is “Rheanni Lightwater.”

Rates: Long Distance sessions are $100.00 for an hour and a half. Additional time is prorated at $30.00 per half hour.


Soul Resources accepts cash, checks, credit cards and you can pay through Paypal

Call (505) 271-4612 for pricing, scheduling appointments and availability for workshop or speaking engagements.

Appointments take place at Soul Resources, LLC located at 3206 La Paz Lane, Santa Fe 87507.

Call for appointments in Albuquerque.


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