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Following the Sacred Cow Tracks In Our Tipping Point Game


I was working with a woman recently who told me that she always felt as if working hard and being really busy were prerequisites for doing well. She confessed that something kept telling her that she couldn’t really be doing something of value if it came easy.

Now, coming from a Protestant, Anglo-American family, I know what she was talking about.  

“Nose to the grindstone” was our motto and Sacred Cow.

Enjoy Life

Yet, as I moved through my life, I noticed that there were some people who really did fine without working 24/7. They didn’t see fun as being reckless or irresponsible. What did they know or have that I didn’t have?

I noticed how tense I was, but didn’t really think much of it. Steadfastly, I followed my role as a hard workin’ woman and kept thinking that someday, all my seriousness and sacrifice would pay off. I could happily retire and be applauded for all my efforts.

Then I witnessed my father who had always joked that he would probably fall over dead once he retired. The very day he finally closed his business, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and died eight months later. At age 73, he never got to enjoy the fruits of all those years of labor and take trips with my Mom as he had hoped. Instead, he spent his time going to the doctor and battling his illness.

A Change of Heart

I remember him telling me as he went through that grueling time -

“Sweetheart, take the time you need to follow your dreams now.”

I figured he probably knew what he was talking about, so ever since then, I have endeavored to slow down, lighten up, enjoy what I have and let my spirit show me what’s really important.

How about you? Have you bought into the Sacred Cow that says:

“Work hard now, enjoy life later.”

If so, I suggest you let go of your agreement with that old grindstone and take some time today to smell the roses.

 “I release my agreement with my family’s dysfunction around work.”

“I let go of my agenda that I have to work hard to do well.”

“I release my agreements around what fun is.” 

 “My new agreement is to enjoy life and lighten up!”


So, now it might be time to let go of all the old programs that interfere with your ability a enjoy life. Gaze softly at this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints and see all that heaviness letting go and floating up to the Sun, disappearing forever.

 “I dissolve the heaviness and burden around work.”

Once the heaviness is gone, you’re ready to play the rest of the Tipping Point Game, which will help you to relax, enjoy life and attract more cooperation into your life.

Play the Rest of Moving Forward Now

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