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Following the Sacred Cow Tracks In Our Tipping Point Game

Have you ever been afraid to do something because what you want to do might raise the ire of someone you know who doesn’t think it’s acceptable?

Have you ever had the experience of being very close to someone – perhaps a friend or family member – who was fine with you, until you stopped doing what they wanted you to do? All of a sudden, you’re in the dog house or worse, you’re treated like a pariah – a complete outcast.

Inner DirectionIf you’ve ever had that experience, you know just how terrible it feels. So today we  are going to deal with a very special “Mama” Sacred Cow and her calves. These bovines sneak around behind the scenes supporting the premise that our worth and value is determined by something outside of us.

“Approval from the outside world is more important than inner direction.”

They eat away at our good ideas, intentions and  hopes for the future.


Finding Inner Direction By Following Your Own Path

Let’s take care of the supporting members of the herd first. Take a look at the Soul Contract Circle below and release your agreement to comply with the following Sacred Cows:

“If you liked me, you would do what I want you to do.”

“We’re only doing this for your own good.”

“A good (fill in the blank ____ ) would never do something like that.”

“Don’t step out of line or you’ll be sorry.”

 I could go on listing them for hours. To find their hoof prints all you have to do is look in the news, watch TV, talk to your friends and family or go to the store. It’s all a part of a system of intimidation intended to keep us in line.

Now take a moment to remember all the feelings of unworthiness, intimidation and fear that these cows evoke in you.

Use the symbol below to dissolve destructive mental/emotional and spiritual patterns that represent your unworthiness. All you have to do is breathe and have the following intention as you gaze softly at the image:

“I dissolve the system of intimidation like a cloud dissipating in the Sun.”



Once the cloud is gone, you’re ready to play the rest of the Tipping Point Game, which will strengthen your sense of self worth and help you attract more support and cooperation into your life.

I know that you know at least one other person that would really like to tip this Sacred Cow family. Do us all a favor and drop them a line – playing only take 5-10 minutes and it’s totally free of charge.

Play the Rest of Moving Forward Now

 Rheanni Lightwater © 2008 -13


Rheanni Lightwater specializes in alternative healing that connects you with your highest potential. Private sessions & tutorials are available in ABQ or online through Skype. call 505-271-4612.

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Learn Hypnosis in NM


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