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A Free Online Alternative & Energy Healing Class #5 – Step Out of the Box

Following the Sacred Cow Tracks In Our Tipping Point Game


I was raised in a time before ADD, ADHD or Dyslexia were considered diseases. In the fifties and early sixties, kids like me were simply labeled by the educational Status Quo as slow, troublemakers or stupid.

I hadn’t yet learned how important it is to be open to new methods and utilize what works for me.

I remember when I was just beginning to learn how to write my name in cursive. I was trying to figure out which hand worked better making all those loops and curly-ques. While experimenting with my left hand, my second grade teacher came over to me and plucked the pencil right out of my hand. “You don’t want to use that hand,” she barked, “only bad people are left handed.”

Step Out of the Box of Either/Or

I didn’t like that teacher much (for obvious reasons) mainly because she was being the spokesman for today’s Sacred Cow:

“There’s only one way to do things and that’s the ‘RIGHT’ way.”

“One size fits all.”

“Do it my way or hit the highway.”

Now when this Old Cow raises her head, we could very easily take it personally and rebel as I did.

Or we could give up the way we naturally do things just because others don’t like it and conform.

Both of these options leave us in a double-bind.

You know the feeling I’m talking about?

Either it’s that urge to go ahead and be the “troublemaker” rather than step back and think for a moment about what’s best for you.

Or it’s that feeling of giving up when you just go with the flow of the Status Quo and bury the possibilities of expanding beyond the box.

 Making A Different Choice

What if we accepted instead that we all have a unique way of doing things? Maybe we could use the way we’re wired to lead us out of prejudice and into new fields of discovery and innovation.

I see people all around me who are successfully using methods that simply do not work for me and I know that my methods sometimes leave others cold.

I can fight that and insist on being “right” or I can consciously and peacefully release my cultural agreements with these Sacred Cows:

“There is only one right way.”

“One size fits all.”

Do it my way or hit the highway.”

 “I release my agreement with inflexible expectations or behavior.”

“I release my agreement to be trapped in the box.”

“I reclaim any gifts or talents that I may have squelched while I was trying to be “right”.

 “I decide to step out of the box of prejudice, judgement and shame.”

Now take a moment to visualize the mental/emotional box that holds all your trapped potential.

Use the symbol below for dissolving destructive mental blueprints to free yourself from this pattern. All you have to do is breathe and have the following intention as you gaze softly at the image:

 “I dissolve the box of Either/Or like a cloud dissipating in the Sun.”


Once you step out of the box of either/or, you’re ready to play the rest of the Tipping Point Game, which will help you step into a more cooperative, mutually beneficial way of being.

Play the Rest of Moving Forward Now

And Thank You for Being Part of the Moo-vement!

Rheanni Lightwater © 2013

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Learn Hypnosis in NM

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