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I was recently at a workshop where people were talking about careers and livelihood and was struck by the common theme of hate. These were all good people, mind you, people who wanted to be happy and prosperous. Yet each and every one of them (including me) was holding on to a reason for their unhappiness.

Several people didn’t like the city they lived in – they found it too dry, not enough green, the people too “in your face”, too much poverty, etc. Other people didn’t like their jobs, the people they had to deal with or certain aspects of their work.

Many of them were facing physical illnesses including depression, fibromyalgia or anxiety and most of them consistently used the word “hate” to describe whatever was challenging them.

healing hatred

“I hate my boss. I hate my job. I hate the doctors and the insurance companies. I hate the politicians. I hate having to chase after the almighty dollar. I hate having to feel all the negative energy around me!”

Healing Hatred – it’s almost like an addiction

I learned early on in my intuitive practice that hate is a binding energy. What I mean by that is when we “hate” something, our thoughts, our mindset and our energy gets very hard and constricted. We mistakenly think that our hate helps us get away from suffering. Unfortunately, the more we hate, the more we are bound to the object of our hate.

Now, you could be angry – which is different from hatred in a fundamental way. Anger is more of a fleeting reaction – coming up to let you know that something’s off – something’s wrong that needs your attention right away. So the energy of anger can be very useful when it motivates you to take productive action in a situation that isn’t good for you.

Unfortunately, through repeated and organized societal conditioning, anger can be hardened into a “Hatred” mindset. Think about it. When was the last time you remember that feeling that goes with hate? Was it during a political or religious discussion? While watching TV, having dinner or scrolling through Facebook?

For some, it’s just such a big, overpowering feeling and so easy to get caught up in. Others are completely numb to it, but just because they can’t feel it anymore doesn’t mean that it isn’t taking a terrible toll on their health, happiness and relationships.

For eons, people have been taught to collectively send angry thoughts out into the world through this Sacred Cow:

 “Hatred will get you what you want.”

Too bad the Universe doesn’t buy into this old cow and is instead governed by simple principles like cause and effect – what you put out comes back to you, etc.

Most of us don’t really buy into it anymore either, yet the energy is so spellbinding! How do we disentangle ourselves from the suffering that comes with the mindset of hate? I suggest that we start by releasing our agreement to hold on to hate as if there’s anything helpful about it.

You remember how to do this, simply look at this Intuitive Learning Circle and cut them loose. See all those agreements flying up to the Sun – burning into nothingness!

 “I release my agreement to use the energy of hate to get what I want.”

“I let go of my hatred towards others and ultimately towards myself.”

 “I decide to let go of collective thoughts of hatred.”

“I am free of the pain that’s caused by hatred.”

It’s amazing how much energy you can free up by doing this and as intelligent, intuitive people, we can do even more.

Emotions are Simply Energy in Motion = e-motion

We can sense the energy that’s being put out, right? So we can use that ability to disperse the energy too!

All you have to do is look at this symbol, relax and get in contact with that hardened pattern of hate. Once you have it, use your intention to dissolve it, like dark clouds dispersing in the atmosphere.

 “I dissolve the black cloud of hatred.”



Once you’ve freed your mind, attention and energy from the grip of hatred, you can go through the Tipping Point Game to get what we want through cooperation and mutual benefit.

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And Thank You for Being Part of the Moo-vement!

Rheanni Lightwater © 2013

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