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Tipping Point Game

Rheanni Lightwater – Reiki Energy Healer in Albuquerque, New Mexico

 Welcome to the Next Evolution of Our Tipping Point Game!

So many things are going through significant transformation in the world. In the past, we had to stand on the sidelines waiting for someone to step forward on our behalf…now we know that no one can do it on their own and that we each have a choice in how we participate.

I began this energy healing and self improvement game as my way to encourage positive change during the elections of 2006 and called it “Sacred Cow Tipping.” Since that time, the game has gone through several incarnations and has been played thousands of times by people all over the world.

Tipping Point Game

Before, the focus was to take back the control the Status Quo had over us by releasing negative social contracts or agreements that were holding back our collective progress. Now we are called to put together new ways of communicating and relating to each other with “Moving Forward”.

Some of you are new – welcome! Many others of you have participated along the way, helping to make this a dynamic empowerment project. I’m asking you to join us again as we collectively Build a New Attraction Field for Co-operation.

So, what is a Sacred Cow?

Sacred Cows are social agreements, decrees, doctrines, adages or points of law that have outlived their positive purpose, if there ever was one, and have become a burden to our evolution. They are important because as long as the agreement behind a Sacred Cow remains unconscious, our collective mindset continues to behave as if the agreement were still in force. This causes unnecessary suffering and a slowing down of progressive change for the better.

Therefore the purpose of our holistic healing game is to support us as we navigate the difficult waters ahead without a lot of dogma from the past holding us down or negative energy holding us back. Once an agreement with a given Sacred Cow is released and we stop buying into that older energy, we are free to move forward in a far more pro-active and productive way.

For example, one possible Sacred Cow would be:

“Do as I say, not as I do”.


If you were to use this Soul Contract Circle to release your personal and ancestral agreement with that adage, you would be releasing yourself from your unconscious compliance with hypocrisy. See all those agreements flying up into the air – disappearing forever!

“I release all agreements I have to comply with hypocrisy.”



The next step would be to release the negative blueprint of the “hypocricy Sacred Cow” in your mind to help you disconnect from the collective confusion around it. You can use this symbol that I use all the time in my practice. All you have to do is breathe and have the following intention as you gaze softly at the image:

 “I dissolve this negativity just as a cloud dissipates with the Sun.”



Now, when you play the rest of the Tipping Point Game, you will go through a short process that will help you to repel the negative energy from that Sacred Cow and replace the interference with a new Attraction Field for Co-operation and Mutual Benefit.

 And that’s all there is to it!



Participating is a free and fully voluntary process. Beginning today, you can tip the first Sacred Cow and then tip additional cows for the rest of the series as they arrive in your email box or at your own pace. Each Sacred Cow will have a special bearing on important issues that are interfering with our ability to cooperate and find solutions that can benefit everybody.

There is nothing to lose, except perhaps the 10 to 20 minutes that it takes to play the game. If enough of us release all the Sacred Cows at a time like this when the conditions for change are optimum, it’s quite possible that we could experience an 100th Monkey phenomena. The Hundredth Monkey Theory talks about the ability of a new idea or concept to spread automatically from one member of a particular species to other members even in distant locations once critical mass or the tipping point has been achieved.

Wouldn’t that be awesome! Instead of jumping off of fiscal cliffs, fighting and irritating the heck out of each other, we could be contributing to the next greatest step in our consciousness!

All that’s required is to add us ( to your address book, keep an eye on your email inbox and follow the Sacred Cow Tracks!

Play the Rest of Moving Forward Now

Each of you has always made a difference – and you still do today. Let’s put our differences to good use.

 Rheanni Lightwater © 2013


Rheanni Lightwater specializes in alternative healing that connects you with your highest potential. Private sessions & tutorials are available in ABQ or online through Skype. call 505-271-4612.


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Learn Hypnosis in NM


 Many of the energy healing circles in our Games come from Gifts from the Rainforest 

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